2009 US Youth Soccer President's Cup

NYW seeking teams for entry

The U.S. Youth Soccer Presidents Cup is a National Championship tournament that is designed to create a mid-level competition for those teams looking to play against teams of similar abilities for a national championship title. This competition is not for teams participating in the Region I Premier League or Sub-Regional Leagues, nor for teams that want to participate in the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series. The format of the competition will determine a representative from each state association that will move on to a sub-region group competition. The winners at the sub-region group competition will move on to the Region I competition where the winner will move on to the National competition.
Cup Format: Each State Association will have a competition to determine its representative that will move onto the sub-Region group qualification round. The competition within the State Association may be on an invitational/selection basis. Each State Association will determine the format and schedule of its own competition, which may vary from State Association to State Association. As this is the inaugural year for NYSW to participate in this event, and a long term process to determine the teams that would move on in this tournament from the state has not been developed yet, for 2009 NYW has decided to advance teams on an invitational/selection basis.  Going forward in 2010 and beyond there will be a format in place to determine the teams that would move on….and more information will be forwarded about this as it is developed. Due to timing and Region I requirements for the teams that will participate in the sub regional tournament, NY West is looking to identify interested teams by seeking the name and email address of the coach/manager of your top division champion in 2008 for the u13, u14, u15, u16 boys and girls. So, if you are a coach/manager of such a team and interested in the 2009 Presidents Cup, please contact Mike Radecke 1 at president@nyswysa.org by February 1.  We will collect the names of all of the teams that have interest and hold a "blind draw" on February 8 to determine who will be the NYSW representative for 2009. There will be a nominal entry fee of $200 for teams drawn to represent NY West in the 2009 Presidents Cup. (Any additional expenses incurred by the team is their sole responsibility)
Listed below is a brief breakdown of the details. With your support NYW will email all of your top division league champions detailed information on the playing opportunity.
To facility play and to minimize transportation needs, Region I has been divided into four Groups. The winner from each State Association will compete with the other three teams within the group to determine a Group winner. The location and format of the group play-offs will be determined later. The Region I Presidents Cup will consist of the following groups:
Group A: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont
Group B: Connecticut, Eastern New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island
Group C: New York West, Pennsylvania West, West Virginia, Wild Card (Dates being considered for Group C play-downs are May 30 & 31 or June 6th & 7th.)
Group D: Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia

The winners of the (4) sub-regional areas will compete on Saturday and Sunday, June 20-21, 2009 at the Kirkwood Soccer Complex to determine the Region I Champion in each age group to compete in the US Youth Soccer National Competition of the Presidents Cup, which is currently scheduled for July 17-19, 2009. Locations being considered for this national championship are in Michigan and Colorado.
Only a US Youth Soccer organization member can apply to compete in the Region I Presidents Cup. A team cannot be sponsored by a US Youth Soccer Member. Any US Youth Soccer club or organization that attempts to sponsor a non US Youth Soccer team is subject to disciplinary action and dismissal of the sponsored team.
Age Groups: Under 14, Under 15, Under 16, and Under 17 both Boys and Girls. (Thus NYW needs 2008 u13, u14, u15, and u16 champions)
Rosters: Rosters for teams participating in the Presidents Cup will not be frozen until the team’s State Association freezes rosters for National Championship play or 72 hours before the first President’s Cup game. In NYW you cannot participate in State Cup and Presidents Cup. It is one event or the other. No exceptions.
Guest Players: Guest Players will NOT be allowed on any teams participating in the Region I President’s Cup competition at any level.