2013 Annual General Meeting Agenda and Reports

2013 Annual General Meeting Proxy Form


Saturday, November 9, 2013
Rochester Airport Marriott, Rochester, NY
Registration: 3:00 – 4:00 PM
Annual General Meeting: 4:15 PM

A. Welcome & Introductions

B. Order of Business:

a. Credentials Report

b. Approval of Agenda

c. Approval of Minutes of the preceding AGM

1. Approval of 2011 AGM minutes*

2. Approval of 2012 AGM minutes*

d. Reports of Officers

President -- Rich Wagner

Report of the President *

First Vice President – Curtis Regruit

State Cup*

Second Vice President -- Matt Dimas


e. Reports of Directors

Executive Director* -- Amy Gush

Technical Director & Olympic Development Program* -- Dean Foti

Registration & Data Base/Website Management Director* -- Tim Mellander

Recreational Soccer Directors Report* - Chris Pacilio

TOPSoccer Director* -- Scot Boniface

State Youth Referee Administrator* -- Bill Campbell

Expressway League* - Mike Kozak

f. Unfinished Business

g. New Business 

Financials and 2013-2014 Budget -- Susan Gurak

Reviewed Financial Report 2012 – 2013*

2012-2013 Financials and 2013-2014 Budget Narrative*

Resolution to adopt the 2013 -2014 Budget

Election of Officers (two-year terms)

Report of the Nominating Committee* -- Roger Best

Announced Candidates:

President - Richard Wagner - click for bio

2nd Vice President - Mark Cornfield - click for bio

Secretary - Hugh Goodridge - click for bio 

h. Good and Welfare of the Game

Member Reinvestment

i. Adjournment

* Reports with an asterisk can be viewed by clicking the hyperlink.