Advertising Rate Card

Advertising Rate Sheet as of June 2016.

Mailing Lists

Quote Fee:  A $50.00 quote fee will be charged to client to provide target specific counts.  The fee will be credited back on clients account if an advertising mailing agreement is reached.  

US Mail - $200/thousand names with a $500.00 minimum.  List will only be provided to a bonded mailing house.  Each use of the list is an additional charge.

E-mail List - $150/thousand names with a $500.00 minimum.  Client supplies message and any artwork to NYSW and then NYSW staff will send the emails for the client.

Advertisements on Webpage*

Banner advertisement on website homepage.  Maximum banner size - 600 pixels wide x 125 pixels high.  Client supplies the electronic artwork.

$375.00 per month in the premium ad space at the top of the home page**

$275.00 per month in the lower half ad space (below our rotating news box).

*Webpage advertising, payment and artwork due one week in advance of banner hosting.

**Premium ad space one sponsor per month.  NYSW maintains right to host above premium advertising space. 

Striker West e-newsletter

Advertisement - $375.00 per insertion.  

Client supplies electronic artwork.

Circulation of newsletter is 50,000+ unique email addresses.

E-mailed monthly at the end of each month.

NYSWYSA Member Tournament Advertising Package: $750*

Tournament information is listed on the NYSWYSA website under the Tournament Page. If a NYSWYSA club would like to boost publicity about their tournament to a larger audience NYSWYSA will offer member clubs the right to a special advertising package comprised of: 

  • One month Banner Ad on NYSWYSA website Home Page (600p (width) x125p (height)).  Placed on the lower half ad space (below our rotating news box) with link to specified website page. A Premium Ad (above the rotator) would be an additional cost of $50)
  • One Ad insertion in one monthly Striker West E-Newsletter (either 600p (width) x125p (height) or 300p x 300p) with click through to specified website page.
  • An Email Blast Campaign to NYSWYSA Club Administrators (Presidents, VP, Registrars, etc.) comprised of 3 emails to a list of over 1,000 email addresses.  The same email will be sent out based on specified dates by client. 
  • 15% Discount on Additional Advertising for the same tournament outside of package.  IE: Email Blast Campaign to All Coaches in a particular district.

*NYSW Policy for Hosting Outdoor Tournaments will have needed to be followed to be eligible for this package. 

Display Table

At Annual Meeting or State Cup - $300.00.

1 - 8 Foot table, no power.

Payment for advertising is due upfront.  Payment for Website Hosting or Striker West Ad is due one week prior to ad placement. Payment for Email List Services  is due prior to release of email by NYSW staff.  Mailing list payment is due prior to the delivery of  list to bonded mailing house.

All Rates Subject to Change without Notice.