1985 Annual General Meeting Minutes



SEPTEMBER 15, 1985



The Annual General Meeting of New York State West Youth Soccer Association was called to order at 12:15 P.M. September 15, 1985 at the Marriott Hotel in Rochester N.Y.


President Joe DAmato conducted a roll call, had the members present sign in, and counted the proxies, resulting in 80 votes (not enough for a quorum). Motion was made by Paul Kendra, seconded by Daniel Shoniker and approved by the members to proceed with business at hand and send copies of the minutes, election results and amendment proposals for vote by those members not present nor represented by proxy.




Secretary Absent and no minutes available.


Treasurer - Linda Schepler reported the following as of September 15, 1985:

                              Checking Account: $18,811.75

                 7-Day Roll over Account:   $ 2,917.34


Linda noted that the Saving Account was added to the 7-Day Account because it was considered inactive. Motion to accept Treasurers report was made by Jack Hayward, seconded by Roger Best and approved by the members.


The 1986 Budget was reviewed. Joe DAmato pointed out the savings affected by the State Board by comparing 1985 expenses versus the 1986 proposed budget. Motion was made by Monica Sweeney, seconded by Eileen Galipeau, and voted by the members to accept the proposed 1986 budget as stated.


Past President Jack Hayward stated his efforts were mostly spent on regional basis and coordination of the Regional Cup held in Niagara Falls. He reported all went well except for the U-19 Boys. Disruptive play by players, coaches and parents, which resulted in that team being suspended from Inter-State competition for three years and their club, fined $1,000.00. A representative from Rochester added that this type of problem (especially by coaches) is happening more and more at the local level area games. This was seconded by Jim Cuddihee, who stated the problem is nearing epidemic proportion. Eileen Galipeau added that responsibility for this lies with the League itself.

Monica Sweeney told the group that the winner at Niagara Falls took the Regional Cup from the Eastern Regional.


President Joe DAmato advised that league by-laws must be submitted to Larry Austin.


Vice-President - Roger Skinner said he learned a lot during his first year in office and did much traveling to meetings on behalf of the Board. He advised that if re-elected he would looks forward to working with the Board another year.


Buffalo Commissioner Roger Jank advised that he has completed his first year as commissioner and was re-elected at the District Meeting held last Sunday. He enjoyed working with the Board and is looking forward to next year.


Rochester Commissioner Roger Best stated that he took over at short notice. He enjoyed doing the State Cup and working with the Board.

Syracuse Commissioner Bernd Koehler advised the group that they added another national team player

(16) for the World Cup in China. Also informed the group that Syracuse represents of the membership of NYSWYSA.


Binghamton District Paul Kendra advised that he is still acting on behalf of the District until a new commissioner is elected.


Southern Tier Commissioner Shirley Ford said she also was re-elected at the District Meeting last Sunday. She is pleased with the growth in her district and is present working with Western Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association to affiliate Bradford, PA with their group.


At this time, the committee reports were interrupted to permit President Joe DAmato assisted by Roger Skinner, to present awards. The recipients were:


Jim Cuddihee was presented a plaque in appreciation of all his time and efforts in coordinating the Select Team program and for State Coaching.


Duke Stock was presented a plaque in appreciation for the New York State West Youth Soccer Association banner.


Linda Schepler was presented with a trophy (complete with a pen) in appreciation of her dedication to the office of Treasurer. Linda is advancing to Regional Treasurer with the best wishes of the Board and members of New York State West.




Select Team Administrator Jim Cuddihee reported that the $5,000.00 (over and above what is in the budget) was allotted as follows:

$2,000.00 State

$1,500.00 District

$1,500.00 House League Development

Jim advised that age groups were the same as last year. Had half-day tryouts invited to training camp at Hobart; then selected team members and went on to tournaments with the following players invited to the Advanced Regional Camps:


Boys U-15 - Adam Dunn from Webster                            Girls U-17 Susan Bennett from Ithaca

                        Charles Kennel from Pittsford                                               Joy Black from Apalachin

                                                                                                                       Mary Colella from Bridgeport

         U-17 -*Tony Epifani from Syracuse                                                  Tracy Deyle from Henrietta

                         Tom Tanner from Syracuse                                                   Tara Nells from Old Forge

                                                                                                                       *Martha Winter from Webster

Girls U- 14 -     Catherine Davis from E.Amherst                             U-19 -   Christin Biggs from Tully

         U- 16 -     Lorrie Deyle from Henrietta                                                   Sylvia Caldwell from Syracuse

                       * Mollie Marcoux from Ithaca                                                  Michele Cloutier from Kiekville

                                                                                                                          Judy Sheldon from Oswego


         -- Featured in August/September issue of KICK Magazine


Jim advised the expenses for the girls were high and they didnt necessarily go. Recommended pulling back to three teams for girls. Also future decision as to weather we want to go to outside tournaments.

Joe DAmato requested comments be sent to the Board for proposals for 1986.


State Coach George Herrick recommended we go back to tournament style for kids to play (state tournament). Will cut expenses down; also did not believe we got the best players this year. Regional tournament not the best way to go. Bring coaches into the State. Bring age groups to U-14, U-16, U-18 every year consistent as of 1/1 instead of some as of 8/1. (Jack Hayward advised he proposed this at the Regional level). George recommended having try-outs at a different time of the year. Reduce staff for State Coach to have better control.


State Youth Referee Administrator Reinhold Spath advised he is Director of Assessment Program and the assessments for our referees at the Niagara Falls Tournament were excellent, all over 75%. In 1980 there were 240 referees; now we have 510. Problems with Senior League, no control over youth players playing in Senior League with preset system. Players not being released. Told group he is a non-voting member of Northwestern Board. Advised every league will be supplied with the new Referee Rule Book at no cost to them. Eight changes in F.I.F.A., with one major one about the goaltender four step law. Ball must come outside of penalty area before goalie can take four more steps, effective 9/1/1985. In March 1986, Reinhold is scheduling a workshop in Northwestern. This is for all instructors, all assessors and all officers. All referees can be upgraded. Every coach is welcome. He will notify all coaches and referee units. Will have two national coaches and one national assessor at the meeting. All adjoining states will be invited. Reinhold advised he wants to see the same fees charged in all of Western New York State. Will work with the Board to come up with a set fee.


Hall of Fame Al Odenbach is the chairman. Joe DAmato read a letter from the Buffalo District listing the following nominees: Jack Hayward, Reinhold Spath, Albert Odenbach, Joe Schuh and Tony Simpkin. Joe requested that other Commissioners submit nominees to al for the Hall of Fame.




NEW BUSINESS:  Election of officers. President Joe DAmato, Vice President Roger Skinner, Treasurer Linda Schepler and Secretary Helen Skinner resigned their positions. The chair was turned over to Jack Hayward who ran the elections.


President Joe DAmato was nominated by Paul Kendra. Seconded by Monica Sweeney. After a call for nominations from the floor, the nominations were closed by Paul Kendra, seconded by Monica Sweeney. Jack cast one vote for Joe DAmato which was approved by the members.


Vive-President Roger Skinner was nominated by Richard Beal and seconded by Jim Cuddihee. After a call for nominations from the floor, the nomination were closed by Richard Beal and seconded by Monica Sweeney. Jack cast one vote for Roger Skinner which was approver by the members.


Secretary There were no nominations submitted. Jack Hayward advised the Board has the authority to appoint a Secretary in the absence of a candidate for election.


Treasurer Paul Kendra was nominated by Joe Madero and seconded by Richard Beal. After a call for nominations from the floor, Donna Listrani was nominated by Roger Skinner and seconded by Eileen Galipeau. Nominations were closed by Monica Sweeney, seconded by Paul Kendra. Both candidates spoke on their qualifications and reasons for seeking this office, after which the vote was taken by written ballot and counted by Jack Hayward. Donna Listrani was elected Treasurer. Monica Sweeney made a motion to destroy the ballots, which was seconded by Eileen Galipeau and approved by the membership.




Article III Membership Discussion followed this amendments impact on double voting with registration fee only being paid to one League or Club (whichever is primary). Eileen Galipeau made the motion to vote, seconded by Monica Sweeney. Joe DAmato conducted a roll call vote with the majority voting no, none voting yes, and 5 abstentions.


00.09 Protest/Appeals Rule #D-2, #D-4, #F-1 Motion made and seconded for a voice vote all voted yes.


Article V Officers Motion made and seconded for a voice vote all voted yes.


President Joe DAmato advised he would like to set up non-conflicting dates from school dates and asked that school calendars be given to District Commissioners. He made tournament information available to members present. Announced National Workshops - October 19th to 20th 1985 is the Regional at Pittsburgh, PA -- -- July 2nd to 6th 1986 is National Workshop at South Carolina.


The next meeting is Sunday October 27th from Noon until 4 P.M. at the Marriott Hotel in Rochester.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 3:30 P.M.


Respectfully submitted



Shirley Ford, Acting Secretary