Coaching 100 Series-Special Topics

Coaching 100 Series Courses: 

These courses are designed as a stepping stone to help youth coaches move from the introductory Coaching 101 Course on to the teaching of selected topics in soccer.   The Coaching 100 Series courses include 90 minutes of practical on-field instruction.  A lesson plan will be handed out for the given topic. Coaches will leave with a greater understanding of the designated topic provided within the context of the big game.   Coaches will leave with numerous age appropriate activities and exercises to utilize in their team training sessions that specifically target the designated topic.  The course content can be modified for beginner, intermediate, and/or advanced level audiences.  These courses are club hosted and our staff will make every effort to arrange a convenient date to conduct the course that will fit into your club’s schedule/calendar.  A NYSW Coaching Education Staff member will travel to your club and conduct the course for a fee of $200 for the first 12 coaches and $10/coach beyond that.

Clubs interested in hosting a Coaching 100 Series class should contact Assistant Technical Director, Scott Craig at

Coaching 100 Series

Coaching 102 - Activities to improve Ball Control

Coaching 103 - Activities to improve Shooting and Finishing

Coaching 104 - Activities to improve Combination Play

Coaching 105 - Activities to improve Possession Play

Coaching 106 - Small sided games to improve technique

Coaching 107 - Small sided games to improve tactics

Coaching 108 - Basic Principles of Attack

Coaching 109 - Basic Principles of Defense

Coaching 110 - Basic Goalkeeping Principles

Special Topics Courses:

Our Coaching Education Staff will also accommodate and work with you to identify and tailor any special topics that you would like to have presented to your club’s coaching staff.  Below are some examples of club selected topics that have been presented in the past:

- Planning and Developing a Training Session

- Parent Education

- Systems of Play

- Improving Speed of Play

- Transition Play and Counterattacking

- Defending in Blocks