Coaching Certification Process

To show you how everything breaks down, here is a chart featuring the accepted progression of license levels in coaching education: 

Youth Tract


Professional Tract







US Soccer Course Offerings





 A – License

National Youth License 



B - License



C - License

NYSWYSA Course Offerings





D – License (36 hours)



E – License (18 hours)

  F- License (2 hours)

F-License (2 hours)


 State Intermediate Certificate (6 hours) 



State Goalkeeper Certificate (6 hours)


Youth Module Course (4 hours)




   *Coaching 100/Special Topics Series (1.5 hours)   


  Coaching Youth Soccer 101 (1.5 hours) 



*Special Topics Series content can be modified for beginner, intermediate and/or advanced level audiences.

All courses are taught by NYSW State Staff Coaches who hold a National Coaching License. "D" course instructors hold either a USSF "A" or "B" National Coaching License. Youth Module instructors hold a National Youth License.

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