Coaching Course Information

Procedures for Hosting a New York State West Coaching Course

1. Select a person to act as the host for the course.

Host Duties:

  • Select a site.

  • Fill out an application completely either typed or printed neatly. List three (3) possible starting dates in order for easier assigning of an instructor.

  • The application must be submitted for approval at least four (4) weeks in advance of the requested starting dates.

  • The administrator must provide a typed or printed list of candidates completely filled out along with a check for the course fee for each candidate. One check may be submitted for the entire group. Use the enclosed form for the candidates? information. This must be sent to the New York State West Office at least two (2) weeks prior to the requested start of the course. This deadline must be met or the course will be put on hold to be rescheduled at a later date, when the proper papers are received.

  • The administrator will be paid $25 after the course is completed and he/she has submitted a voucher to the State office for the course.

  • Provide detailed directions to the site including the classroom, gym, field, etc.

  • Administrators and Instructors do not determine who teaches the courses.

Site Must have the following:

  • Indoor playing surface when the weather dictates the need.
  • Outdoor field for warmer weather.
  • Classroom space, TV/VCR, overhead projector/screen, and a blackboard.

Candidates must provide the following:

  • 1 properly inflated soccer ball / any soccer equipment normally used.
  • Shin guards / soccer shoes for the field / flats for indoors.
  • Clipboard / paper / pen or pencils for notes
  • Participate in the activities conducted by the instructor. Candidates will not fail due to a lack of playing ability, but they must put forth the effort.

New York State West Youth Soccer Association Responsibilities:

Glen Buckley, State Director of Coaching will assign Instructor(s). Promotion will be done in the NYSWYSA publications and on the web site. Certification will be given only to those candidates who attend the entire course and successfully complete the course requirements.

Candidates must take and pass the "E" Course before taking the "D" Course unless a waiver is granted by the State Director of Coaching.

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