Coaching Guidelines

Youth Modules ( U6, U8, U10, U12):
Coaches of these age groups must take the Youth Modules Course for the particular age group that they are coaching. It is advisable to take all of the modules to have a better understanding of the players and coaching them. It is my recommendation that coaches must take the particular youth module course for the age group that they are coaching by the end of the year 2000. NYSW is in the process of requesting a National Youth Modules Instructor?s Course for New York State West as soon as it can be done. The cost of a youth module is $30.00

"E" License:
The "E" License is for coaches of developmental (recreational) 11 vs 11 play in the age group 12 to 14. A coach can go directly to the "E" License course if he/she is coaching those age levels. The "E" License is a pre-requisite to the "D" License Course. The E License costs $95.00.

"D" License:
The "D" License is for coaches who want to progress from developmental (recreational) to a higher level of coaching. It is for coaches of age 15 and above. The "D" License Course is a preparatory course and a pre-requisite for the USSF"C" License Course. The cost of a D License is $165.00.

A coach could go directly to the "D" License Course if he/she played soccer in college. That playing experience must be documented in writing directly to the State Director of Coaching.

We recommend that all Coaches take appropriate level of license for the age of the children they are coaching. The "house leagues" will not be expected to meet the suggested licensing requirements. We are hopeful that everyone will do their best to attend courses when possible. It is also highly recommend the coaching symposiums to coaches of all levels.

Any request for a waiver based upon playing/coaching experience at the college/professional level must be made directly to the State Director of Coaching and documented in writing.

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