Doug May 3 v 3 Festival

Rules and Schedules

The 1st Annual Doug May 3 v 3 Tournament will be held Saturday, November 18th at TSE in conjunction with the NYSW Workshop and Vendor Show.

See the complete article for the tournament rules and the game schedules.

Doug May 3 v 3 Festival 2006



  1. Players: Rosters are limited to five (5) players. Three (3) field players and no keepers will be on the field during play. Substitutions can be made on the fly with players entering in their own half.
  2. Ball: A size 4 ball will be provided
  3. Equipment: Players must wear shin guards and the same color jerseys.
  4. The first team listed will kick off from center field. Kick-offs may be taken in any direction and are indirect. A goal may be scored only from a touch within a team’s offensive half of the field. There will be no off-sides or corner kicks or penalty kicks. Balls over side line will be played in on the ground by the feet. Balls hitting boards behind goal will be put back in play by a goal kick. Following a goal, the defending team restarts with a goal kick. Goal kicks are taken from anywhere within three (3) yards of the goal. All restarts are indirect, and on restarts defending players must be at least three (3) yards away. No free kicks are to be taken closer than five (5) yards from the goal area.
  5. Game duration: Each match will be 15 minutes – running time, with no time-outs. Teams must be by the field ten (10) minutes before the scheduled start of the match and ready to start at the scheduled starting time. At the conclusion of play, all players will be presented with participation awards.


Doug May 3 v 3 Festival 2006 Entrants

Girls Divisions

1-Hilton 1-Greece Buccaneers B
2-Greece Buccaneers A 2-Gates
3-Pittsford Mustangs Incredi-belles 3-Pittsford Mustangs Rockets
4-Flower City 4-Greece Buccaneers C


Boys Divisions

1-Flower City 1-Fairport Red
2-Fairport Blue 2-Fairport White
3-Pittsford Mustangs 3-Irondequoit
4-Honeoye Falls 1 4-Honeoye Falls 2



Doug May 3 v 3 Festival 2006


Time Field Teams Field Teams
9.00 A A1 - A2 B A3 - A4
9.20 A B1 - B2 B B3 - B4
9:36 A C1 - C2 B C3 - C4
10.00 A D1 - D2 B D3 - D4
10.20 A A1 - A3 B A2 - A4
10.40 A C1 - C3 B C2 - C4
11.20 A D1 - D3 B D2 - D4
11.40 A A4 - A1 B A2 - A3
12.00 A B4 - B1 B B2 - B3
12.20 A C4 - C1 B C2 - C3
12.40 A D4 - D1 B D2 - D3