Elite Young Coach Development Initiative

A Coach Development Program for Coaches 17 to 25 Years of Age

New York State West Youth Soccer Association
The Score American Soccer Company Presents
Coach Development Initiative
A Coach Development Program

For coaches 17 years to 25 years


Many clubs and organizations are employing young people to work in their programs. Working with younger children can be a challenge to even the most experienced of coaches. The goal of this program is to create an enriched experience for young coaches that will accelerate their mastery of coaching skills. This is a special experience of self-paced learning, mentoring and assessment throughout a year-long experience. Graduates of this program will be very desirable as youth coaches at any level of play, have a greater understanding of a broad spectrum of coaching issues, and likely become the next generation of master coaches. This training will open up new opportunities for young coaches to work in the sport as camp coaches, club coaches, and state program (ODP and Academy) coaches.

Many young coaches are intimidated when attending regular coach education courses as most of the participants are older. This course will be for young people between the ages of 17 and 25. Whether they are working, currently in high school or college, we encourage the clubs to identify and sponsor young people who love the game to enter the program. This year-long mentoring process will develop coaches through traditional education programs coupled with mentoring and additional education not currently taught in coaching courses. This cadre of students will come together and learn in a stress free environment where they can share and develop their thoughts, feelings, and perceptions on the infrastructure and teaching of the game.

Predicted Outcomes:

The return on time and money invested will be invaluable. Potential benefits are:

  • Clubs will increase the availability of qualified coaching candidates for their own youth programs
  • Creation of an organized venue for keeping talented young adults/teens involved in the sport as they retire from competitive play
  • Opportunities for paid coaching positions may be greatly enhanced with a USSF qualification
  • Those at college would be desirable commodities to their coaches during college sponsored and private summer camps
  • The course may also be recognized toward high school or college requirements
  • Future ODP and licensing staff positions will be offered to those that excel on the course. Some candidates will be placed with an ODP group during the Winter Practice sessions, to observe and be involved in some sessions.

Course Requirements The selected individuals will complete a United States Soccer Federation E- certification and a National Youth Module [YM] during the program. In addition they will take part in a distant learning program based on the Union of European Football associations [UEFA ] coaching courses.

Each candidate will have a sponsor. Sponsors can be their club president, coaching director, or other official. This could also be a qualified parent, friend or role model who will help them complete the course by overseeing their progress and signing off on their assignments through the distance learning process. [This is the take home portion of the course, where candidates are given work at home projects that are completed in a log book that they keep updated for assessment].


In addition, the NYSW Assistant Directors of Coaching will be the Tutor Assessors for each candidate.


Each candidate will assigned a personal contact on the state coaching staff. The tutor assessors will be available to communicate by email, phone or in person to answer questions and advise candidates during the training process.

Candidates will keep a log book of their sessions with a required number of coaching hours prescribed by their assessor. During the course candidates will be evaluated on their practical coaching ability, communication skills, and understanding of knowledge related to athletic performance (childhood development stages, nutrition, injury, safety, etc). Students will be assessed both in areas in which they are competent in and in those that they still lack mastery. If they are not ready in certain areas then they will be instructed to work on those areas in their own environment with their sponsor or tutor assessor’s guidance. When they feel they are ready they can call their tutor assessor to come and be re evaluated.

Distance learning projects as assigned by the tutor assessor will be a part of the take home log book project. Topics such as Nutrition, Injury Care and Prevention, and Team Management will be issued to candidates to study at home in their own time between the course gatherings. There will be no added pressure of time often found in traditional weekend courses. Travel will be limited for the most part to working with local clubs and mentors.

A mandatory opening course meeting for successful applicants will be held, December 18th, 2009 at the NYS Chiropratic College, Seneca Falls, NY at 5.30pm [to be attended by sponsor and the candidate].  E course residential weekend 18th, 19th, and 20th of December 2009 at the New York State Chiropractic College, Seneca Falls NY.  Candidates will be housed and meals provided.  YM course April 3rd 2009, venue tbd.  Attending the initial 18 hour E course weekend and a further 6 hours for the YM course some months later are the only mandated travel requirements.

Application process

Applications and all supporting documents must be received in the state office by November 1st, to include:

  • Letter of support for the candidate and commitment from the sponsor
  • Commitment letter from the candidate.
    • Explaining why they would like to be considered for a place listing their reasons and commitment. Any prior  coaching experience should also be noted
  • Candidates must have current [or apply for a NYW Risk Management pass]

Only 30 places will be granted on this pilot course. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance on the course by return post no later than November 4th, 2009.

The application to the course can be downloaded here.

Cost of the Program:

The cost per candidate is $295 dollars. That includes all tuition, a log book and a full training kit, warm up and coaches bag. The successful candidates and their sponsor will be invited to receive their diplomas at the Annual General Meeting banquet held in November 2011 where they will be honored for their achievements.

Return supporting documents and payments to:


    New York State West Youth Soccer Association

    Coach Development Program

    41 Riverside Drive

    Corning, NY 14830