Ever have questions for a referee?

Q & A Session following Rhinos match on June 3rd

This is an invitation to all currently registered USSF referees. The State Referee Committee has contacted the Rochester Rhinos and USSF National Office to set up a Question and Answer session with the game officials. The Rochester Rhinos have set up an area which can hold 120 people on June 3rd.

People will be able to purchase tickets for $15 each, enjoy the game and then get to have a Q&A session with the referees. You will be able to talk about game situations which just occurred, etc. No longer will you have to wonder why the referee did this, called that, and chose to ignore a situation. This is a great opportunity to talk about your reaction to a game with the people whom were working it.

More information will be coming out, but mark your calendars now for this first time offer in Western New York. Questions and or concerns can be forwarded to Curt Hamlin, SRA at sra@wnyreferee.org