New York West and Rochester Rhinos

Multi-Year Joint Marketing Partnership to Build Soccer Throughout the Region

Dear Club/League Representative,

The New York State West Youth Soccer Association and the Rochester Raging Rhinos recently announced their agreement to enter into a multi-year joint marketing partnership to build sponsor involvement and soccer participation throughout the region.

We are extremely excited about partnering with New York West to further strengthen and unify soccer in Western New York, said Rhinos President Frank DuRoss.

Since November 2005 we have met, negotiated, interviewed and developed this strategic opportunity. New York West is the third state youth soccer organization to form such an alliance with a professional franchise, and as such we are again in the forefront of a growing national trend.

The Rochester Raging Rhinos and the NYSWYSA are both focused on the same thing youth development and outreach. This relationship will make it possible for NY West to secure important corporate sponsorship support, and as such it will help us remain competitive in the market place. But equally important is the public exposure that this agreement will provide us. The Raging Rhinos through their various public relations mediums, have committed to promoting the sport, the membership at large and NYW. This will help us all over time.

An immediate member benefit is that all NY West members will initially be given a special ticket offer for the Rhinos first two home matches.

We must anticipate continued growth, and forward moves such as this one, will help us to not just meet the increased needs of our members but will also help us expand responsibly. Like all non-profit organizations, we face ever rising costs. With this alliance we have seized an opportunity to be good financial stewards on behalf of our membership and made a significant step forward in sustaining future programming needs of all our players, member clubs and leagues.

From a longer term perspective the Board has been discussing, researching and considering various plans of how to best use our long-term reserves. It is our goal to unveil our recommendations by August 1.

This is an exciting time for us to promote the great game of soccer and how we all can help children. We look forward to more news and program support opportunities for our membership. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.


Oystein Ostebo
President, NYSWYSA