NY West Champions Conference

NY West Champions Conference

January 11, 2021 – Deferred Payment option:
The Champions Conference is extending the payment deadline to January 31, 2021.  The application deadline of January 15, 2021 remains unchanged. This payment deferral option allows the league commissioners to review the final applications and assure that each age bracket is viable before payments are due.  When a team applies to the league, they will need to select Check as your payment optiont, and will be given login credentials to return to the application and make payment at a later time.

December 8, 2020 - Team Admittance Status:
The commissioners of the league have decided to review applications once a week and notify teams after each review what the status of their application is.  Once a team starts the application process, they will be given login credentials to return to their application and make revisions until they are satisfied with it.  That allows a team to delay payment until they are convinced they have the application finalized to their satisfaction and have heard back about their status.

Status as of 01/18/2021
Admitted Teams Teams Under Review


  • Amherst Raiders (2008G)
  • Bath Blast SC Blue Devils (2004B)
  • Bloomfield SC Northwest Thunder (2006G)
  • Bloomfield SC Northwest Tornado (2004G)
  • Bloomfield SC Northwest Wave (2002/2003G)
  • Brockport SC Blizzards (2007G)
  • Camillus SC Wildcats (2002/2003G)
  • Chili Soccer Association Attack (2002/2003G)
  • Chili Soccer Association Elite (2006B)
  • Chili Soccer Association Gunners (2007B)
  • Cicero United Soccer Academy (2004B)
  • Clarence SC Inferno (2009G)
  • Clarence SC Inferno Black (2007G)
  • Clarence SC Inferno (2005G)
  • CNY Premier SC (2009G)
  • Coliseum SC Devils (2006G)
  • Coliseum SC Blaze (2007G)
  • Coliseum SC (2003/2004G)
  • Coliseum SC Inferno (2005G)
  • Corning United SC Fire (2004B)
  • Corning United SC Galaxy (2006B)
  • Corning United SC Cyclones (2007G)
  • Delaware SC Galaxy (2008B)
  • Delaware SC United (2007B)
  • Fairport SC Raiders (2002/2003B)
  • Football Club Red & Blacks (2003B)
  • Football Club Red & Blacks (2005B)
  • Football Club Red & Blacks (2006B)
  • Hamburg SC Young America Premier (2008G)
  • Hilton Heat SC (2009B)
  • Kenton Soccer Club Fusion (2004B)
  • Krajisnik Football Club (2008G)
  • Liverpool Soccer Academy (2008B)
  • Lockport SC Ligthning (2005B)
  • Movement Sports (2009G)
  • Niagara-Wheatfield SC Storm (2002/2003G)
  • Northstars SC (2009B)
  • Orchard Park SC Quakers Select (2002/2003B)
  • Penfield Strikers SC (2004G)
  • Pittford Mustangs SC Select (2009G)
  • Rush NY Buffalo (2005G)
  • Rush NY Buffalo (2007B)
  • Rush NY Buffalo (2007G)
  • Rush NY Rochester (2002/2003G)
  • Rush NY Syracuse Grey (2006B)
  • SC New York Soccer Central (2004G)
  • Steuben County Strikers (2005B)
  • Tillie's Touch (2004B)
  • Tillie's Touch (2005B)
  • Tillie's Touch (2006B)
  • Ultrasonics (2008G)
  • Vestal YSA Thunder (2009B)
  • West Sharks FC (2006G)
  • West Sharks FC (2008G)
  • West Sharks FC (2009G)


  • Clarence SC Red (2005B)
  • Cobras FC Alfieri (2006G)
  • Cobras FC McGrain (2005G)
  • Forza SC of NY (2005G)
  • Forza SC of NY (2007G)
  • Hiawatha Thunder (2006B)
  • Irondequoit SC Force (2002/2003B)
  • Kenmore SC Spartans United (2006B)
  • Lockport SC Lightning (2006G)
  • Rush NY Rochester Blue (2007B)
  • Rush NY Rochester (2007G)
  • Rush NY Select (2008B)


The NY West Champions Conference is a state level premier league that implements promotion/relegation and is chartered and administered by the New York State West Youth Soccer Association (NYSWYSA). The NY West Champions Conference is a qualifying league for the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series for NYSWYSA. Any team participating in a state-cup qualifying league can apply to the league and be admitted if they qualify. Acceptance to the league and promotion within the league are based on team performance and the league is intended for teams that can show successful performance at the state level or highest district division level.

Age Groups: 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U, 19U

League Dates:

  • Registration Closes: January 15, 2021
  • Teams notified of acceptance: February 1, 2021
  • Preliminary schedule released: Mid-February
  • Final schedule released: Early March
  • Roster freeze: April 1, 2021
  • Game dates: April 24, 2021 - July 11, 2021

Additional Details:

  • Guaranteed 8 games
  • Self-scheduled league (Dates/ Times/ Locations)
  • Review the FAQ document for answers to commonly asked questions

Registration Fees:

The registration fees include a non-refundable application fee, the league fee and referee fees for 8 games.  Any team who applies and is not accepted will receive a refund of the league fee and the referee fees.


Age Group

Application Fee

League Fee Referee Fees Total
12U $25.00 $200.00 $416.00 $641.00
13U $25.00 $200.00 $496.00 $721.00
14U $25.00 $200.00 $496.00 $721.00
15U $25.00 $200.00 $608.00 $833.00
16U $25.00 $200.00 $608.00 $833.00
17U $25.00 $200.00 $688.00 $913.00
19U $25.00 $200.00 $688.00 $913.00


Registration Deadline: January 15, 2021

*It may take 1-2 minutes to load the form*

Contact Pam Whitcomb, League Administrator, at ChampionsConference@nyswysa.org with any questions.