NYSWYSA Return to Play Update

NYSWYSA Return to Play Update

Travel Restrictions: Reconfirmed 9/12/2020 

  • Tournaments of multiple games, matches, or scrimmages that require travel outside of your (COVID) region or beyond counties that border the one you are in (irrespective of region) are prohibited. 
  • Individual games or league play: No restrictions on a single match in a single day that does not require an overnight stay. This now includes out of state travel. However teams that travel out of state will need to quarantine after travelling to those states listed as quarantine states.
  • Teams from outside of NY State are still not permitted to travel into NY State at this time.

Please see the link below which specifies the return to play guidelines for Sports and Recreation effective July 6th for Soccer as mandated by the New York State government. 

Detailed Document - Click Here

Summary Document - Click Here

The State of New York has classified Soccer as a moderate Risk Sport and their guidelines clarify what type of play is allowed.  The guidelines specify both the mandatory requirements of return to play and the recommended best practices.  Refer to the above link to ensure that your respective soccer programming meets the New York State requirements.

Additionally, NYSWYSA recommends referencing the US Soccer Play On guidelines as a template to develop your own program-specific return to play protocols.  The US Soccer guidelines can be accessed via the link below. Please make sure that in using these guidelines, your program-specific protocols also meet the mandated New York State government requirements. 


US Soccer advocates a phased return to play for all players.  US Soccer recommendations include many additional resources which should help in the construction of your specific return to play protocols.  

As previously circulated here is a link to a template for a Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement, which you may use if you choose to do so.  It is recommended that you review this template with your organization’s legal counsel before utilizing it.   Click here!  for the template and click this FAQ link for additional information.  FAQ regarding Hold Harmless Document 

Additional Resources:

CDC Considerations for Youth Sports


NYS COVID Testing Information

NYS COVID Travel Advisory

Finally, please ensure all players returning to play are registered as ACTIVE with NYSWYSA and therefore insured to the end of the season.


New York State West Youth Soccer Association.