2013-2014 '99 Boys Outdoor Roster

2013-2014 ’99 Boys Outdoor Pool Roster

Attention All Players:

If you have not already done so, please go to the on-line registration page and pay your Outdoor Fee of $320.  Payment must be made by 5pm on Friday, April 18th.  Failure to pay the fee by this deadline will result in forfeiture of your spot in the pool.

Pool Manager: Jennifer Keem     jenniferkeem@hotmail.com   716-481-4579


Adger, Charles

Bayne, Connor

Bonetto, Justin

Bowers, Ben

Broyles, Joshua

Carlin, Cesar

Chau, Minh

Chilbert, Daniel

Curry, Tyler

Cutler, Alec

Epling, Seth

Guarino, Dylan

Hakizimala, Toyi

Hunter, Michael

Jaylani, Ayub

Keem, Noah

Margiotta, Alessandro

Moreland, Trevor

Neighbor, Evan

Olix, Cory

Padilla, Adrian

Pastel, Isaac

Pickard, Matthew

Rubio, Lukas

Smith, Todd

Steed, Nicholas

Tolley, Aiden