1999 Boys 2013 Region 1 ODP Tournament Roster

2012-2013 ’99 Boys Region I ODP Tournament Roster

Attention All Players: 

If you have not already done so, please go to the on-line registration page and pay your ODP Tournament Fee of $120.  You will have until Monday, June 3rd (11pm) to pay the fee.  Failure to pay the fee by this deadline will result in forfeiture of your spot on the team.  Alternates are not required to pay the ODP Tournament Fee unless they are notified and have been activated to join the team for the ODP Tournament.

Pool Manager: Jennifer Keem     jennifer.keem@hotmail.com    716-481-4579

Team A:
Adger, Charles
Baril, Michael
Bay, Taner
Cancilla Vincent
Chilbert, Daniel
Curry, Tyler
Cutler, Alec
Epling, Seth
Hakizimala, Toyi
Hunter, Michael
Johnston, Michael
Keem, Noah
Margiotta, Alessandro
Olix, Cory
Pickard, Matthew
Rubio, Lukas
Todhunter, Mason
Wagner, Sam
Team B:
Bayne, Connor
Bowers, Ben
Broyles, Joshua
Czuba, Kevin
Drayer, Zach
Holme, Ryan
Law, Cameron
Lopez, Miguel
Mascaro, Daniel
Nazarczyk, Connor
Neighbor, Evan
Pastel, Isaac
Schiltz, Bryce
Sinclair, Alexis (AJ)
Smyth, Samuel
Steed, Nicholas
Tolley, Aiden
Woglom, Michael
Boyles, Kellen
DePrez, Jesse
Doback, Joshua
Hacker, John Henry
Hlaka, Gay
Kam, Nick
Phillips, Jack
Tronolone, Carmine
Uhlig, Thomas
Zumpano, Kyle