2016 - 2017 2003 Boys Indoor Pool Roster

2016 - 2017 2003 Boys Indoor Pool Roster

Attention All Players:
If you have not already done so, please go to the on-line registration page and pay your indoor Fee of $345.00. You will have unitl 11:00PM, November 1, 2016 to pay the fee.  Failure to pay th fee by the deadline will result in furfeiture of your spot in the pool.  Please be sure to also purchase your training uniform online at this time.


Pool Manager:  Alisha Tenbus   nywsaodp03@gmail.com    (607) 472-8529







Abdul-Malak, Ziad

Adams, Ryan

Baker, Marcus

Benchley, Lukas

Blankenberg, Evan

Brady, Caleb

Burke, Aedan

Comfort, Logan





Daly, Robert

Ellingson, Mesafint

El-Zammar, Tarek

Fiorica, Maxwell

Gajewski, Jacob

Harrington, Jake

Jell, Ashton

Knorz, Adam

Kress, Caden

Kwitchoff, Maxwell





Logunov, Aleksandr

Pagano, Francesco

Papavassiliou, Aris

Probst, Owen

Reasons, Kevin

Roja, Massimo



Scott, Trenton

Tenbus, Nathaniel

Warren, Riley