2016-2017 2001 Girls Indoor Pool Roster

2016 - 2017 2001 Girls Indoor Pool Roster

Attention All Players:
If you have not already done so, please go to the on-line registration page and pay your indoor Fee of $345.00.  Payment must be made prior to the first indoor training session.  Failure to pay the fee by the deadline will result in furfeiture of your spot in the pool.  Please be sure to also purchase your training uniform online at this time.


Pool Manager:  Kari Gonzalez    karig14505@yahoo.com      (315) 690-6404







Ashman, Lauren

Barlow, Nicki

Bartlow, Alexia

Brand, Olivia

Coachman, Sadie

Cooke, Kaitlyn

Commisso, Nichaela





Dall, Jisela

Damico, Olivia

Davis, Gabrielle

Dawley, Anna

Evoniuk, Allyson

Friery, Makayla

Gaige, Akasha

Gilmore, Madison

Gonzalez, Angelina

Hainsworth, Grace

Hartman, Danielle

Hewlett, Anna

Hilts, Emma

Hudson, Waniya

Jackson, Tayah

Kitterman, Grace

Kiefer, Aurora

Kiser, Alexa





Mandarano, Jennifer

McKnight, Olivia

McKnight, Victoria

Molloy, Abby

Mulholland, Clare

Nugent, Regan

Ortiz, Melina

Pachla, Jordan

Panepinto, Natasha

Roman, Rebecca



Scalisi, Tatyjana

Seafuse, Jenna 

Sertl, Hannah

Siechen, Morgan

Taylor, Audrey

Tomei, Sara

Tremiti, Gabrielle

Tulloch, Madeline

Vargas, Laurel

Warren, Camryn

Warren, Marisa