2017 2003 Boys Outdoor Pool Roster

2016 - 2017 2003 Boys Outdoor Pool Roster

Attention All Players:
If you have not already done so, please go to the on-line registration page and pay your outdoor Fee of $260.00. You will have unitl 11:00PM, Friday, April 21st to pay the fee.  Failure to pay the fee by the deadline will result in furfeiture of your spot in the pool.  


Pool Manager:  Alisha Tenbus   nywsaodp03@gmail.com    (607) 742-8529







Abdul-Malak, Ziad

Adams, Ryan

Baker, Marcus

Comfort, Logan





Ellingson, Mesafint

El-Zammar, Tarek

Fiorica, Maxwell

Gajewski, Jacob

Harrington, Jake

Kress, Caden

Kwitchoff, Maxwell





Menna, Logan

Pagano, Francesco

Papavassiliou, Aris

Reasons, Kevin




Scott, Trenton

Tenbus, Nathaniel

Warren, Riley