2002-2003 ODP Staff

1990 Boys

  • Warren Rayner, Head Coach
  • Mark Spacone, Assistant
  • Mike McMahon, Assistant
  • Adam Schwartz, Assistant
  • Glen Buckley, Assisting

1990 Girls

  • Dave Matthews, Head Coach
  • Pete Mastrogiovanni,Assistant
  • Antonio Porretta, Assistant
  • Darren Schutt, Assistant
  • Glen Buckley, Assisting

1989 Boys

  • Greg Gidman, Head Coach
  • Rob DiCenzo, Assistant
  • Pete Olsen, Assistant
  • Ken Wilkin, Assistant

1989 Girls

  • Dan Shoniker, Head Coach
  • Pete Lautensack, Assistant
  • Matt Bove, Assistant
  • Mike Freace, Assistant

1988 Boys

  • Jamie Schneider, Head Coach
  • Chris Condron, Assistant

1988 Girls

  • Jim Mort, Head Coach
  • Tracy Britton, Assistant

1987 Boys

  • Willie Fitzpatrick, Head Coach
  • Anthanosios Dardaganis, Assistant

1987 Girls

  • Tom Garigen, Head Coach
  • Aria Garsys, Assistant

1986 Boys

  • Dave Kreger, Head Coach
  • Chris Hershey, Assistant

1986 Girls

  • Jim Hewlett, Head Coach
  • Ian Finlay, Assistant

1985 Girls

  • Glen Buckley, Head Coach

1985 Boys

  • Bill Brady, Head Coach


  • Chris Hershey, Head GK Coach
  • Dave Matthews, Assistant
  • Pete Mastrogiovanni, Assistant

* * * * STAFF CREDENTIALS * * * *

Tracey Britton

    NSCAA National Diploma/License
    Assistant Womens Coach, Syracuse University
    USISL W League, 5 years

Glen Buckley

    UEFA A License
    English Full Badge
    USSF National A License
    USSF National Youth License
    NSCAA Premiere Diploma
    National Vocational Qualifications Tutor Assessor of the English
    Football Association Coaching Education Program
    United States Youth Soccer Region 1 Staff Evaluator

Chris Condron

    NSCAA Premiere Diploma
    NSCAA Advanced Coaching Diploma
    Head Mens Coach, Keuka College

Sike Dardaganis

    USSF National F License
    Assistant Womens Coach, University of Rochester

Robert DiCenzo

    National C License

Ian Finlay

    USSF National D License
    National Youth E License

Willie Fitzpatrick

    USSF National A License
    ODP Coach, 18 Years
    Head Mens Soccer Coach, Finger Lakes Community College

Michael Freace

    NSCAA Advanced National Diploma
    Assistant Mens Coach, Roberts Weslyan College

Thomas Garigen

    USSF National B License
    Assistant Mens Coach, University of Buffalo

Aria Garsys

    USSF National D License

Chris Hershey

    USSF National D License
    Buffalo Fillies (W-League) Assistant Coach, 1999
    Sweet Home High School Boys Varsity Coach, 1999-Present
    Assistant Mens Soccer Coach, Buffalo State 1998-2000

James Hewlett

    USSF National D License
    Assistant Mens Coach, Finger Lakes Community College

David Kreger

    USSF National A License
    NSCAA Premiere Diploma
    Assistant Coach, University of Buffalo, 2001-Present
    Head Mens Coach, Canisius College, 1997-2000
    Assistant Mens Coach, UNC Greensboro, 1995-1996
    Buffalo/Niagara Soccer Club Director of Coaching

Pete Lautensack

    USSF National B License
    NSCAA National Diploma
    NYSW ODP Staff, 1997-Present

Dave Matthews

    USSF National D License
    USSF National Goalkeeping Diploma
    High School JV Coach, Greece Athena

Mike McMahon

    USSF National D License
    NSCAA National Diploma
    Assistant Mens Coach, St. John Fisher College (former)

Peter Olsen

    National D License

Antonio v. Porretta

    USSF National D License
    NSCAA Regional Coaching Diploma
    Head JV Girls College Coach, Nazareth College, 2001-Present

Warren Rayner

    UEFA A License
    FA Full Badge since 1995
    Centre of Excellence Coach at Bradford City, AFC, England, 1995-2002
    Coach Educator for the English Football Association, 1995-2002

Jamie Schneider

    USSF National C License
    Region II ODP Team Player
    D-1 College Player

Darren Schutt

    USSF National D License
    Played collegiate four years

Adam Schwartz

    USSF National D License
    Rochester Mavericks Player

Daniel Shoniker

    US Youth Soccer National Girls Coach of the Year, 2001
    Region I Girls Coach of the Year, 2001
    NYSWYSA Girls Coach of the Year, 1994 & 2001
    Assistant Womens Coach, Rochester Institute of Technology, 1996-Present

Mark Spacone

    USSF National B License
    President and Co-Founder of Sams Army, a fan club for the US National Teams
    Buffalo State College Mens soccer player, 1986, 1987
    High School JV Coach, Amherst

Ken Wilkin

    USSF National C License
    High School Varsity Coach, McQuaid

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