2005 Region 1 ID Camp Results

Monday, July 25, 2005

If it's July, and it's HOT, that means one thing on the ODP calendar ... Regional ID Camps!
During the past two weeks, Region 1 held their annual ID camps to identify the best players in the region.  Boys camps were held at Rider University in New Jersey, and St. Bannaventure University in New York.  Girls camps were held at the University of Rhode Island.
The players that attended the ID camps this year represented themselves and our state association with pride and enthusiasm, and should be proud of their accomplishments.  Our players continue to put forth their best efforts under very difficult conditions, and against some of the best players in the country.  New York State West would like to recognize the following players that were selected to the Regional pools:
1988 Boys
     Chris Roland
1990 Boys
     Nate Bourdeau
1991 Boys
     Gale Agbossoumonde
     Michael Reidy
1992 Boys
     Brendan Kazmierski
1987 Girls
     Madison Gates
     Stacia Hartung
     Marci Pasenello
1988 Girls
     Jillian Arnault
     Jessica Remmes
1989 Girls
     Grace Barnard
     Gretchen Miller
1990 Girls
     Jessie Dulski
     Jill Guzylak
     Laura Hansen
1991 Girls
     Ashley Hughes
     Ashley Walsh (also invited to National Camp)
1992 Girls
     Brianna Smith
     Kylie Strom
     Maddie Tiddick
     Angela Williamson
NY West would also like to take this opportunity to thank the chaperones who volunteered their time to be with the players during thier week at camp.  Without thier tireless efforts on behalf of our players, these camps would not be possible.  The chaperones are a critical part of our program, and we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the moms and dads who were their to help our players through a very difficult process.  On behalf of everyone involved with our program, I want to take this opportunity to personally thank the foillowing parents who served as chaperones:
1988 Boys                                            1988 Girls
     Jim Franz                                                 Nancy Andres
                                                                    Sue Bellingham
1989 Boys                                            1989 Girls
     Alan Carr                                                Elaine Barnard
                                                                    Judy Miller
                                                                    Dy Ponticello
1990 Boys                                            1990 Girls
     Tim O'Leary                                             Catherine Godin
     Tom Gentile                                             Cindy Serafine
                                                                     Theresa Wisotzke
1991 Boys                                            1991 Girls
     Marcus Robinson                                     Tracey Mibaum
     Jeff Schipper                                            Susan Presser
     Lee Spadine                                            Debbie Spusta
     Rick Weaver                                            Tess Walsh
1992 Boys                                            1992 Girls
     Ken Buonomo                                          Diane Berardicurti
     Brian Lang                                               Carol Boughner
     Kevin Lederman                                       Shelley Lobevero
     Pat Reilly                                                  Cindy Locey
                                                              1987 Girls
                                                                     Mary Pat Pasenello