2019/20 2005 Girls ODP Indoor Pool Roster


2019 / 2020 2005 Girls ODP Indoor Pool Roster

Attention All Players:
If you have not already done so, please go to the on-line registration page and pay your Indoor Fee of $380.  Payment must be made by Midnight, Dec. 22nd. Failure to pay the fee by the deadline will result in forfeiture of your spot in the pool.  Please be sure to also purchase your training uniform online at this time.  


Pool Manager:  Cheryl Joerger  cheryljoerger@me.com  585-747-9237






Anderson, Morgan

Apker, Catherine

Bordages, Isabelle

Chicone, Ella

Clarke, Caitlin



D'Anza, Caroline

DiMarzo, Lauren

Ellis, Aissa

Fry, Megan

Germain, Ellysia

Groom, Gracie

Hach, Emily

Haley, Samantha

Hanrahan, Emily

Hudson, Wrianna

Hultberg, Alexandra

Jarosz, Sophia

Joerger, Meghan

Johnson, Margaret

Krohmalney, Alexis

Kiser, Laiken




Lavrynenko, Isabella

Loeber, Josephine

Luke Paige

Merrill, Caroline

Miller, Alora

Mims, Karryne

Mulholland, Brigid

Muller, Grace

Nolan, Hannah

Ockrin, Eliana

Olson, Michaela

Parrotte, Jailyn

Peterson, Madelyn

Peterson, Natalie

Probst, Katharina

Rewakowski, Mary Kate

Reynolds, Meredith



Samuelson, Ashlyn

Smith, Arianna

Smith, Julia

Vanderbilt, Maggie

Vargas, Leila

Wilkins, Sophie

Wilson, Sigourney