Keys To Successful Performance

The following are some suggestions that will help players relax and play naturally:

  1. Show leadership qualities.  Always be first class in the way you dress, talk, warm-up, and play
  2. Be composed at all times. Carry yourself with confidence.
  3. Show your general athletic ability, technical speed, and your tactical speed of thought. 
  4. Show your intelligence by making simple yet good decisions on and off the ball.
  5. Show a variety of ways to get out of situations on the field.
  6. Play with your head up in order to see the whole field.
  7. Check to and demand the ball.
  8. Switch the field of play via the long diagonal pass when appropriate.
  9. Make simple passes at the correct time and properly weighted. 
  10. Play one and two touch when necessary.
  11. When playing without the ball make intelligent runs at appropriate times.
  12. When going into a tackle, go in with confidence. 
  13. Take the ball out of the air quickly.
  14. Compete for every head ball.
  15. Showcase your strengths!
In general, be good with the ball when you have it, and when you don’t have it, be good at helping your team get it back.