Important ODP Information

Upcoming and General Information for Parents and Players

There will be sign-ins at training sessions.  Pool managers will inform everyone at the first session the process they will be using to have each player sign in.  Players are not be permitted to sign their friends in ~  players are expected to take responsibility for signing in for themselves.
As a reminder, players should e-mail their pool manager regarding missing a practice. The pool manager will ensure that the coaches are aware of a communicated absence.
Proper footwear for the indoor facilities are: NYCC (flats); TSE (turfs); WSA (turfs); HWS (flats); Oswego (turfs). 
For planning purposes some important dates ahead are:
1. Winter Pool training will be completed by April 3-4, 2004.  State Pool selections for the outdoor session will be announced by April 3-4. There will be no cuts in the 91 age groups, and most likely only very few - if any - for the 90's. For the older age groups the pools for outdoor will be reduced down to around 28 players.  Players selected for outdoors will continue training throughout the remainder of the program (end of July).
2. Mini Camp Weekend Training @ Total Sports in Rochester on April 24-25, 2004, only for the 90 and 91 boys and girls state pool players. Look for more information on this website and from your pool manager as this date approaches.
3. Outdoor training will begin the week of May 3, at various facilities convenient to major highways. Practice times are targeted for 6:15-7:45 p.m. for all pools on the designated dates. The outdoor training schedule will complete on Thursday, June 24th.
4. The Region I ODP Tournament for state teams in the 87-91 boys and girls classes is scheduled for June 11-13, 2004. The tournament is held at Rider College and other facilities convenient to the Princeton, NJ area. Parents, please be advised that this year the players will not be staying together as a team, but rather with you for the entire weekend of events, and that you are responsible for making the necessary final arrangements with the hotels where NYSWYSA has reserved rooms.  Please wait for instructions from your pool manager before making these arrangements  Coaches will announce the Tournament pools by the end of the practice session on May 11/12/13 at the very latest.
5. Region 1 ODP camps are scheduled for a variety of weeks in the month of July at various venues. Please continue to check back at this site or visit and click on the ODP links for more information. Parents are discouraged from attending and are not allowed to stay on campus. Players advancing to the State Pool are eligible to attend the Region I ODP camp, but the coaching staff may decide not to send everyone to the camps this year.  All camps will be "scrambled". 
6. Financial Aid: Financial Aid applications are available through your pool manager. NYSWYSA has a limited amount of financial aid to assist parents with the expenses for the outdoor training program and the Region I programs (Tournament and Camp). You must  send your Financial Aid application completed and with executed copies of your 2002 and 2003 Federal Income tax returns to Oystein Ostebo, NYSWYSA ODP Administrator, 41 Riverside Drive, Corning, NY 14830 by no later than April 12, 2004.
7. Miscellaneous: New York State West has negotiated with Hotels for the Tournament and Mini Camp so that you can benefit from potential group rates. Please do not make hotel reservations until your pool manager has informed you of the hotels where rooms have been reserved. 
8. U19s - Due to the historical lack of participation, there will not be any scheduled indoor or outdoor training for this age group (85s and 86s).  However, players in these age groups who wish to attend the Region I ODP Camp should contact NYSWYSA's State Office by no later than May 15, 2004 for information.
If you have additional questions, please consult with your Pool Managers. Please remember that these indiviudals volunteer hours of their time and are very valuable to the success of the program. Pool Managers are listed below for the respective age groups.
87B      Dave Fantuzzo
87G      Ralph and Karen Gates
88B      Lisa Roland
88G      Kim Kopp
89B      Bob and Val Thompson
89G      Diana and Charles Ponticello
90B      Tim OLeary
90G      Theresa Wisotzke
91B      Nicholas and Toni Kleist
91G      Tracey Mibaum