Information for ODP Chaperones

A few items for those individuals who chaperone at any ODP event, and for those players and parents attending any ODP event:


  • Transportation to and from the camp venue. Making sure their children's belongings get in and out of the dorms, and that the rooms are in the same condition when they leave as it was when they arrived. Making sure your child's room key gets returned to the camp chaperone.
  • Parents and visitors are not permitted above the lobby floor. This rule is to be vigorously enforced.
  • Send money with players for items they may need during the camp (laundry money, water, ice, pizza at night, etc.)
  • Send at least two garbage bags with your child. You never know what they may need them for.


  • Players must be fully clothed when doors to bedrooms are open.
  • Players are not to leave the dorms unless accompanied by a chaperone or coach.
  • Be very careful and attentive to traffic as you walk to and from the fields. Be especially alert on the weekend as there are many groups at the university.
  • Players are to wear their shirts fully tucked in, no rolled up sleeves, shin guards, socks pulled up.
  • Players should not be on phones after curfew. You are to be courteous towards others waiting to use the phones.
  • You are expected to mind the curfew and to be considerate of your teammates. This is not a recreation camp. Players are at the camp to learn as much as they can from the Regional coaching staff that is working with their teams.
  • Players are responsible for cleaning out their rooms and leaving them in the condition that they were in when they arrived.
  • Have fun you will see some great soccer and get to know some really neat other soccer players.


    First night:

    1.Review camp rules with players in a mandatory group meeting on the first night of camp.

    2. Review fire and security procedures with all players upon arrival; note nearest exists, remind players not to use elevators in case of a fire, establish a spot outside to meet.

    3. Players are reminded that shirts are to be tucked in (thoroughly), socks to be up, shin guards. Appearance as a true soccer player is a necessity at this level!

    4. Insist players keep their belongings in a safe and neat manner.

    5. Review meal times, field times, and CURFEW!

  • From time to time, it is necessary for an adult to speak with a player. This may be a coach discussing the players efforts or a chaperone discussing a problem the player has developed.
  • Regional pool players are usually posted on lists on the main dorm very late at night, or in the very early hours in the morning. You will need to get up and check these lists for any of your players names. If your players names are on this listing, you will need to get them to their session at the field and time as noted.
  • Ill or injured players are to be tended to promptly. Seek attention from trainers at the premises. Trainers are always on call; be sure you know which room the trainer is in. If a trainer cannot be reached and it is an emergency, call security, and if necessary, take the player to a medical facility or have the player transported. Be sure to notify the regional administrator and trainer when you return. Any serious pre-existing condition should be noted by you on the players medical form and discussed with the trainer in advance of the sessions.
  • A chaperone or coach must accompany any player to a hospital.
  • Monitor the eating habits of your players; constantly encourage them to drink water.
  • Help players check into their rooms following receipt of room key and assignment. Remind them about the room key responsibility (a hefty fee is charged, and it varies depending on which university).
  • Get players to meals on time. Insist on walking to meals, training/classroom sessions together as a team. Give appropriate times to meet in lobby so all can leave together. Players can return to dorms in groups of four or more. Work with coaching staff to set times.
  • Carry copies of Medical Releases and Codes of Conduct at all times. Carry copies of NYSWYSA Accident Report Forms. These must be mailed to Millie Blaakman upon the return from camp.
  • Bring trash bags to each game and training session and insist our players pick up the bench and surrounding area after each session, especially cups and tape.
  • Remind players that they should be very careful and attentive to traffic as they go to and from the fields. Be especially alert on the weekend as there are many groups at the university.
  • Get players in rooms by curfew. Remind them that they need their rest; this is not a recreation camp. The only excuse for missing curfew is illness in consultation with the trainer on duty. Being on the phone is not an excuse.
  • With two chaperones, one can go with the state team to training, one can go with Regional team players; goalkeepers usually go the same time as regional players but a separate training location. The reasoning here is if any player is injured, the chaperone needs to go to the medical facility with that player. If you have no regional players, chaperones can take turns going to the training sessions.
  • Laundry can be done at any time as long as uniforms and clothing are clean and dry for each game each time. Everyone usually helps each other. When one washing load is done, someone will usually place the load in the dryer so they can use the washer.
  • Lists for regional pool players (on the girls side) are usually posted very late in the dorm lobby. Make sure the players know who goes to what training session the next day so they can get breakfast in time.
  • Some teams get food at night. It is up to you and your team what you want to do about this. There is usually some kind of campus store with drinks and munchies.
  • Phones: There are never enough! Players should not be on phones after curfew. Use your judgment on how long your players should stay on the phone. We request our players be courteous towards others waiting to use the phones.
  • As the week goes on, players get tired, discouraged, etc. Sit down with the player and/or have a coach talk to these players. Stress that regardless of the pool selection, by attending the camp they will come out a stronger and more experienced player than if they had not attended at all. A realistic player can see what category he/she falls into when he/she sees the other players abilities.
  • Keep a close eye on your players. Any concerns, illness, injury, etc., notify the coach or trainer immediately.
  • Retrieve keys from each player AFTER you have inspected their room. They need to clean their own mess, not YOU!
  • All keys are to be returned together to the same place you got them. The player and/or his/her state association will pay for any lost key.
  • The rooming list must match what was registered due to back charging any player whose room is damaged, or loses a key. The rooming list is to be completed with the players assigned room numbers and mailed to Millie Blaakman upon your return from camp.