ODP Returning Girl Players Born in 98,99,00,01,and 02

If Your Name Is On This List You Do Not Have To Try Out - But You Must Register!

   Attention Returning Players:

   Registration opens September 2, 2014.  You must go to the on-line registration page and pay your indoor registration fee of $325.00

   Failure to pay your fee will result in forfeiture of your spot in the pool.

  • 2001’s & 2002’s deadline for payment of the Indoor Fee is September 26th, 2014.  
  • 1998’s through 2000’s deadline for payment of the Indoor Fee is December 3rd, 2014.
  • These are hard stop dates!  Payment of fees is the only way to hold your spot!
  • All payments (IE. checks sent to NYSWYSA) must be received in the NYSWYSA office by the posted deadlines. Selecting "Offline Payment" does NOT extend the posted registration payment deadlines

Adiutori, Lucille

Arnold, Molly

Augustino, Mia

Bach, Alexis

Bailey, Samantha

Balotin, Allie

Baun, Skylar

Beaulieu, Madeline

Bennett, Taylor

Berlinger, Sarah

Bicknell, Hailey

Birzon, Marissa

Bisciotti, Victoria

Bowers, Riley 

Burns, Amanda

Carboni, Caramia

Carr, Shannon

Catanzarite, Alexandra

Coachman, Sadie

Crawford, Casey

Dall, Jisela           

D’Angelo, Darby

Davies, Christiana        

Davis, Emma

DeLola, Kelsey

DeLyser, Chloe

Devine, Jenna

Diamond, Samantha

Dimkopoulos, Sophia

Dobricki, Rachel

Donald, Jessica                                            

Dorfman, Hannah

Fabozzi, Alyssa

Fahmer, Luca

Foote, Rachel

Gentile, Jade

George, Madelyn

Gervase, Emma

Gilmore, Sydney          

Glynn, Elizabeth

Gonzalez, Angelina

Gruber, Kaitlin

Gurak, Andrea

Hannah, Mackenzie

Hartman, Danielle

Heister, Calista

Hooley, Olivia

Hornsey, Addison                        

Huber, Arielle

Hudson, Waniya

Jackson, Tayah

Kasahara, Candice

Kelly, Eileen

Kohlbrenner, Tatumn

Koron, Julia

Lee, Francesca

Licherdell, Erin

Lucas, Lena                     

Lupia-Eannace, Mayle

Mascaro, Julia

McClelland, Molly

McCraith, Megan

Michitti, Genna

Miller, Jordan

Mitchell, Lexi 

Molloy, Abby

Montreal, Alana

Mulholland, Clare

Mullane, Alexandra

Neivel, Simone

Noel, Tahelah

Panepinto, Natasha

Ponticello, Isabella

Purtell, Emily

Quick, Lillian

Rath, Eileen

Reeves, Sidney

Rennoldson, Isabella

Requa, Taylor

Richards, Abigail

Rizzo, Dori

Rohlin, Jennafer

Rullan, Mariah

Scalisi, Tatyjana

Siechen, Morgan

Sisti, Emma

Smith, Ariane

Sowinski, Madeleine

Spitzer, Hannah

Stackel, Claire

Stitt, Reagan

Suriani, Sabrina

Uy, Lillian

Vasile, Caterina

Vasile, Giuliana

Vinci, Alex

Wagner, Kate

Warren, Camryn

Warren, Marisa

Williams, Maddie

Yearby, Kennedy

Zhang, Ruby