NYW ODP Tryout Policy


At the conclusion of each ODP season the following boys and girls players are not required to tryout for the next season’s Indoor Pool - i.e. they are automatically included in the next season’s Indoor Pool:


Last Season's Age Group

Players Exempted from Trying Out


Players on the ’04 NYW ODP Tournament Red and Black Teams are exempted from the 14U tryouts in 2017/18.  Any 05’s who participated in any level of the '04 program (I.E. Indoor Training, Outdoor Training, ODP Tournament Teams) are likewise exempted from their age appropriate 13U tryouts in 2017/18.


Players on the ’03 NYW ODP Tournament Red and Black teams are exempted from the 15U Tryouts in 2017/18.


Players on the ’02 NYW ODP Tournament Team are exempted from the 16U tryouts in 2017/18.


Players on the ’00 NYW ODP Tournament Team are exempted from the 17U tryouts in 2017/18.


ODP Tournament Team "Alternates" in 2017 are NOT exempt and are required to tryout in 2017/18 (unless they were activated and added to the team that competed in the ODPTournament).

All players exempted from tryouts must pay the indoor training registration fee for their respective age group by the required deadline to secure their place in the pool.

A list of players exempted from 2017 ODP Tryouts can be found here: ODP Returning Players 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 BoysODP Returning Players 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 Girls


For the 2017/18 ODP Cycle:


Players born in the year 2006 (12U’s) are eligible to try-out for the 2005 ODP player pool (13U).  This is the only ODP age group where players are permitted to play “up” an age group.  While each year a few 12U players will make their way into the 13U player pool, please understand that the task of making the ‘05 pool is a very difficult one.  Those ‘06 players who elect to tryout but are not selected to the ’05 player pool will be referred to the NYW 12U ODP Program (which begins each year in mid-December).   For more information on the 12U ODP Program please click here.