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    • Playing away helps grow players
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US Youth Soccer National Travel and Tournament Manual

    The following amendment to the US Youth Soccer National Travel and Tournament Manual is reflected in the current downloadable copy but may not have been included in earlier versions of the policy. It should be noted:

    At the US Youth Soccer Board of Directors meeting on November 3, 2001, the Board discussed part (c) of Section 303 of the US Youth Travel and Tournament Policy. Section 303 part (c),(1) and (3) currently state:


    • (c) A hosting organization is prohibited from--
      • (1) requiring a team to use only accommodations approved or provided by the hosting organization or other organizations;
      • (3) modifying or marking in any way orginal rosters or members passes; and

    The Board in its discussions was addressing member concerns regarding these and has agreed to amend Section 303 of the policy with the following addition:

      • (1) requiring a team to use only accomodations approved or provided by the hosting organization or other organization, unless disclosure is made on the tournament application form of the required hotel/motel names and the guaranteed rates.

    Additionally, after lengthy discussion about part (3) of Section 303, the Board has determined to add another requirement to Section 306 in response to questions about part (3). Section 306 shall be amended to include the following:


      • (7) any tournament requirements/qualifications for participation.

    These changes are to take effect immediately. If you have any questions, please contact the State Office.

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