Recent changes in Rules and Policies

Approval gained by the membership at the AGM on changes

Rules and Policy Changes
The Board of Directors of NYSWYSA met on August 24 and 25th, 2002 and agreed to adopt the following changes to several rules and policies which go into effect immediately. These changes was ratified by the membership.
Rule 2210 Movement of Players (effective 25 August 2002)
Language has been added to limit all teams in NYSW from rostering more than three previously rostered players.  This addition language provides consistancy and uniformity to Cup teams and non-Cup teams.  Many of our leagues already have such a rule.
Rule Changes (effective 17 November 2002) 
The following rules change proposal has been approved by the Board with the intent that it go into effect September 1, 2003.  However, at the AGM on November 17, 2002, the motion for approval of the rule change was amended and approved as amended by the membership, changing the effective date to November 17, 2002.
Changes from current wording is underlined.
Rule 1105.  State Variances
As provided by US Youth Soccer Rule 105, NYSWYSA may permit variances in Rule 1104 and 2205 of this policy in the best interest of developing the sport within the jurisdiction of the State Association.  Those variances do not apply to any NYSWYSA
Snickers State Cup competitions.
Rule 2205. Roster Limitations
Except as otherwise provided by Rule 1105 - a team, U-13 and older may not have more than 22 youth players on its roster at any given time during the seasonal year; and a team may not have fewer than 7 youth players on its roster at any given time during the seasonal year.  Only 18 out of the 22 players may be used for matches.  The 18 players must be placed on the score-sheet.  Teams that take advantage of the expanded roster at any time during the seasonal year will disqualify themselves from Cup eligibility.  National Cup rules limit Cup teams to a roster limit of 18 players.
These expanded rosters will only apply to sanctioned soccer events inside the geographic borders of NYSW.  Teams that participate in US Youth Soccer events outside of NYSW will be held to a roster limit of 18 as provided by the US Youth Soccer Rule 205, or by the rules of the event.
Policy Changes
Indoor Permission to Travel Policy

The requirement for "Permission to Travel" to indoor soccer events within NYSWYSA has been dropped.  "Permission to Travel" is required whenever at team travels outside of NYSWYSA for either indoor or outdoor.  This change brings our "Permission to Travel" policy in line with the National Travel and Tournament policy.

Snickers State Cup Age Groups

As a follow-on to the adopted and membership approved policy for players U12 and younger, there will be no U-12 age division in NYSW U S Youth Soccer Snickers Cup play.  Cup play will now start at U-13.
Establishment of an Advisory Committe
The motion proposed by Ed Harwood of the Ithaca Soccer Club was withdrawn.
Other Votes taken during the Course of the Meeting
John Pecchia was re-elected as Treasurer
Gary Acker was elected as First Vice-President
Budget for 2002-2003 was approved unanimously
Unanimous approval of a fee increase for the 2003-2004 season of $1 for registration/insurance - increasing this fee from $6 to $7, and $1 for player passes - increasing this fee from $5 to $6 resulting in the following new fee schedule starting on September 1, 2003:
Recreational Player Fee  $ 7.00
Travel Player Fee           $13.00