Meet the New York West Recreational Soccer Director
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Dear club officers and fellow coaches,
NYSW’s board of directors made enhancement and growth of the recreational game a priority in the new three year plan.  Board members and club volunteers met for several months and created a report to the board with directives and goals to improve the recreational experience. To realize the goals the board has put both human and financial resources to the project.  I was lucky enough to be named the Director of Recreation and charged to work with our membership to improve the game. 
My name is Chris Pacilio, I am honored to have been asked to take on this initiative. I am a believer that “We are, we were, or will be again a recreation soccer player.”  The first soccer team I participated in was in 1975 as part of the Brockport Recreation Soccer in“Little Guy Soccer.” My first U8 coach was Guy Lupisella and Frank Sherman was the President of Brockport Recreation Soccer Program.  It’s their shared passion for the game and the foundation they gave me in the game that has driven me to give back to the game for the last 23 years.
As an administrator and an USSF National “B” License Coach; my first 11 years was giving back to the game in the Rochester area.  I was founder and president of the Brockport Soccer Club. One of my favorite programs to develop was the Saturday Micro Soccer Program. The last 12 years have been in northern New York where I have been the president and founder of The Indian River United Soccer Club (IRU) and the Northern NY Soccer League (NNYYSL). I am also a Head Men’s Soccer Coach at Jefferson Community College. I brought small sided games to the IRU development league where we had over 400 kids in our recreation program, In the NNYYSL we created a U10 development program that was evolved around small sided games. The last 23 years has been a blast to watch these young faces enjoy the game as much as I did, and still do today.  
Sharing my passion for the game is just who I am.  Currently we have over 60,000 young boys and girls playing recreation soccer in the New York State West soccer communities.  My number one priority is to put an active voice and vision to all the recreation programs throughout NYSW.
To help ensure this goal becomes a reality. I have established a Recreation Committee. The goal of this committee is to help ensure we reach and exceeds all the expectation of the Recreation initiative outline by the NYSW Recreation Steering Committee. The other main objective of this committee is to be the eyes, ears and voice to recreation programs through out the state. Committee members will be traveling around NYSW and visiting recreation programs. They plan to attend board meeting and training session. Ultimately we want to find out what’s working, what’s not working and what resources your organizations need to build stronger recreation soccer programs in your communities. So please embrace these volunteer committee members. They are great resource for your programs.
Lastly, please check on the “Recreation Tab” at the top of the website. Our hope is to make this an incredible resource for recreation programs. Our plan is to include, but is not limited to, the following items within this tab: 1.) coaching course information 2.) links to printable training sessions,  3.) create an open forum to share best practices, 4.) List parent education material,  5.) share tips on how to build an effective recreation club, 6.) youth curriculums and much more.
Once again, I feel privileged to serve the recreation soccer communities.  This is a very exciting program. I have a great feeling about this program!!!!! Please don’t hesitate to give me a call. Feedback is how we will grow.
Yours in Soccer,
Chris Pacilio
“We are, we were, or will be again, a recreational soccer player”.