I generated my paperwork with RosterPro - Now What?

RosterPro provides automatic certification of Rosters

Through the use of RosterPro™, clubs will be able to generate most of their required paperwork themselves.

The newest feature of RosterPro™ is automatic certification of rosters.  You will no longer need to take your roster to someone to be stamped and signed.  An auto-certification statement will appear when you print your rosters provided the roster meets the following guidelines:
  • Condition 1 – to meet USYSA rules, all rosters must have at least 7 primary players listed.
  • Condition 2 – to meet NYSW guidelines, all rosters must have at least 1 Risk Management cleared adult  listed.
  • Condition 3 – if the team type is travel/tournament type team, the roster cannot not exceed 22 players.

State Cup rosters will automatically freeze at the pre-determined dates in compliance with the National Championship Series rules.  This feature limits U13-U19 cup teams to a roster limit of 22, and U12 cup teams to a roster limit of 16.

The auto-certification statement reads as follows:

This roster is an official certified document of the New York State West Youth Soccer Association.  Persons who appear on this roster are duly registered and insured with the NYSWYSA and United States Youth Soccer.  Any questions regarding this certification should be addressed to the New York State West Youth Soccer Association, PO Box 1247, Corning NY 14830,  phone 607-962-9923x3

We hope this new feature will save everyone time and energy from running around to various places to get rosters stamped and signed.

Any questions, please contact the State Registrar:

Pam Whitcomb (607) 962-9923 x3 pwhitcomb@nyswysa.org