Registration Overview

NYSWYSA annually registers 80,000+ players, coaches, and volunteers. This task is made easier by use of information being provided to the state in a computer readable form. On this page, you will find information regarding policies that deal with registration and some information regarding the use of the Logical Solutions soccer registration software. It became mandatory that all clubs submit their data in a computer readable format in 1995.

The normal flow of information is as follows:

  • Team and club information is gathered into a club database by the club registrar.
  • The club registrar submits a their data to the district registrar via diskette.
  • The district registrars gather the data for all the clubs in their district.
  • This information is then rolled forward to the state registrar to be complied into the state database.

    The information in the database is then submitted to United States Youth Soccer and the United States Soccer Federation. This database is also used for distribution for the state newspaper, "Striker West."

    For an in-depth paper on how to use the registration software, please click on the following link: How to Use Logical Solutions software

    Where to get Registration Help

    You can obtain help by contacting your District Registrar:

    Buffalo Liz Vasquez
    Rochester Lou Boyon
    Syracuse Donna Goyette
    Binghamton Matt Palmer
    Southern Tier Matt Dimas
    Twin Tiers Donnalynn Ostebo

    Or, by contacting the State Registrar:

    Tim Mellander (607) 754-7600

    For help from Logical Solutions Co.

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