Using Logical Solutions for leagues and districts

Clubs use League Organizer Lite, or League Organizer Soccer Edition, programs created by Logical Solutions, to register their players and coaches for New York State West Youth Soccer Association (NYSWYSA). This paper describes what must be done at the district level with the data that clubs provide.

The program that is used at the district level is League Organizer Soccer Edition for Associations (Associations Program).

Getting Help

If you need help with the program, contact:

Logical Solutions

If you need help with the information specific to NYSWYSA, contact one of the following:

  1. Your district registrar

  2. The NYSWYSA State office
  3. The State Registrar, Tim Mellander


Install the program onto the hard disk in your computer using the directions that came with the program

Setting Up the Associations Program

Start up the program and select ‘Setup’ from the menu. Then do the following steps, in the order shown, to simplify your work with the program.

Step 1 - Select ‘Club Setup’ and do the following:

Fill in the following fields with your club information: Club Name Street Town State Zip Phone Fill in the ‘Club Id’ field. This is your club’s NRC#, which you can get from your Commissioner, or from the State Office. Fill in ‘Cut-off Date’ with 07/31/xx, where xx is the end date for the previous soccer year. THIS FIELD MUST BE CHANGED EACH SEASONAL YEAR. For example, use 07/31/95 for the seasonal year that starts on 08/1/95 and ends on 07/31/96. Fill in ‘Youth League?’ with Y Fill in ‘State’ with NYSWYSA. Press . The ‘Region’ and other State Association information will automatically fill in. Fill in ‘District’ with one of the following: BINGHAMTON BUFFALO ROCHESTER SOUTHERN TIER SYRACUSE TWIN TIERS Fill in ‘District #’ as follows, making sure to include the leading zero: District District # Binghamton 04 Buffalo 01 Rochester 02 Southern Tier 05 Syracuse 03 Twin Tiers 06 Fill in ‘Club #’ with the last two digits of ‘Club Id’. For example, if your ‘Club Id’ was 100308, your ‘Club #’ is 08. You do not need to fill in ‘League/Assn’, ‘League/Assn#’ or any of fields that are below them on the ‘Club Setup Screen’. Press to exit the ‘Club Setup Screen’. Step 2 - Program Setup If you use a Laser Printer, tell the program that here. Also use this screen if you will use a diskette drive other than A. Step 3 - Select ‘Data Entry Setup’ Fill in both fields with Y You have now completed the entries needed in the ‘Setup’ menu. Exit ‘Setup’ and return to the main menu. Select ‘Personnel’ then do the following. Step 4 - Add Divisions Select ‘Division Names’ from the ‘Personnel’ menu. Select ‘Add New Division Names’. Create a name for a division such as U08B Fill in the following fields as described Field Description U- Age group e.g. 06, 08, 10, etc. Gender Sex. Use: B for Boys; G for Girls Level Use one of: S for Select; T for Travel; R for Recreation Group leave this blank Class Use one of: I for Indoor; O for Outdoor Club# Use the ‘Club #’ from the ‘Club Setup’ screen. League# Leave this blank Dist# Use the ‘District #’ from the ‘Club Setup’ screen. Fill in ‘Registration Date’ with the date that Registration occurred. Press after each field is entered to move to the next field. When the cursor is on the last field on the screen and is pressed, a new blank screen is presented. Fill this new screen with the information for the next division. Repeat the process until all of your divisions are entered. Then press as many times as is needed to return to the ‘Personnel’ menu. Step 5 - Add Teams Select ‘Team Names’ from the ‘Personnel’ menu. Select ‘Add New Team Names’. Fill in ‘Team Code’. An example would be 0308U10B-01. This number is broken down as follows:

Fill in ‘Short Name’ with a different name for each team in your club. This is especially important for sorting when there are two teams in the same age division in one club. Fill in ‘Division’ with one of the division names you created in Step 4. When you press , the line that contains Gender, Level, Group, Club #, and other items will fill in automatically. If this doesn’t happen, incomplete information was supplied when you created the Divisions in Step 4, and you will need to go back and fix it. Fill in ‘Full Name’ with the Team name as you want it to appear on the Player Pass/Membership Card. Fill in ‘Full Team Number’ using the following format. This value will show up on the player pass. Example number: 01100308U10B-01

The ‘Team within Division’ part of this number is there in case you have two or more teams in one division. If you have only one team from your club in a given division, use 01. If you have two teams, the second team will be 02, and so on. Finally, fill in the ‘Playing League/Association’ field. For a Recreation or House team, use REC. For a travel team, use league initials. Examples: RAYS, MCGSL, BCSA, CNYJSL, NASL, BWNY. After you have added all of your teams, you are done with the basic setup and can begin to add players. Step 6 - Adding Players Select ‘Personnel’ from the main menu, then ‘Personnel Names’, ‘Add New Names’, ‘Players’ Fill in the fields shown in the following table: Field Description Last Player Last Name First Player First Name M Player Middle Initial Street address information Street2 address information Town address information State NY Zip address information Phone (area code) xxx-xxxx Sex M or F Birth mm/dd/yy Age this value is calculated by the program based on ‘Cut-off Date’ you entered in Step 1 above Reg# This is the registration number for the player. This number will stay with the player for as long as the player is in your club. After you have added one player with a Reg# to the database, you can enter a period for the Reg# of the next new player, and the program will automatically fill in the next number in the series. Here is an example of a Reg#: 011003080001

Grade Unneeded Yrs Exp Unneeded Reg Date Date when you entered this person. Automatically filled in by the program. Started Unneeded N)ew N - if new this year. R - if returned from a previous year. A)dd Unneeded Pass Printed N - if a player pass was not yet printed for this player. Skip the remaining fields (unless YOU care about them) until you come to: Team Code this is the Team Code you assigned in Step 5. You don’t have to add it in now, but your life will be easier in the long run if you do. Enter all of your players. When you are done with the players, there are separate menu choices where you can enter your ‘Coaches, Assistants, & Other Team Volunteers’ and your ‘Club Volunteers’. NYSWYSA strongly encourages you to add your Coaches and Volunteers, especially your Board members, for insurance purposes. Sending Your Information To the District and/or State Registrar When your data is ready, you need to provide a copy of the data to your district registrar as instructed by your District Commissioner. The diskette must be a 3.5 inch format disk. Do not submit your data on a 5.25 inch diskette. If your computer does not have a 3.5 inch diskette drive, create a 5.25 inch diskette, and have it copied to a 3.5 inch diskette before submitting it. The program assumes you will be using drive A to create your diskette. If this is not what you want, go back to the main menu and select ‘Setup’, then ‘Program Setup’. Change the ‘Backup Drive’ to the appropriate value. Follow these steps to create the diskette. Step 1 - Select "Send Name to League or Association" Get to this section from the main menu by selecting "Personnel", then "USYSA Files" and finally "Send Name to League or Association". Step 2 - Format a disk if appropriate The program will ask if you want to format a disk. If you are not sure if the disk you will use is formatted, type Y and press . Step 3 - Send Personnel, Team, & Division Files The program will put you on a screen where you will fill create files by filling in the fields as follows: Field What to Enter P), T), or D) You will run this part of the program 3 times. Each time put in a different letter (P, T, or D). Beginning Reg Date The date you started to input information. If you don’t remember, use 09/01/xx, where xx=95 for the 1995-1996 season, etc. Ending Reg Date Today’s date. Filename PERSONS, TEAM, or DIVISION based on your selection in the first field (P, T, or D). Club Number The same value you used many times previously. League Number leave blank District Number The same value you used many times previously. When all fields are filled in, press with the cursor in the ‘District Number Field’. The program should respond with ‘Writing’. When it finishes you will be back at Step 2. Repeat the process until all three files have been written to the disk (PERSONS, TEAM, & DIVISION). Step 4 - Verify the success of the operation Exit the program, if necessary, and bring up a DOS prompt. Enter the command: DIR A: (note, use "DIR B:" if your diskette is in drive B rather than A) The command should return information on the files that are on the diskette. Each of the three files (PERSONS, TEAM DIVISION) should have a line of information something like the following: PERSONS LOA 3,384 03-18-96 . . . . In this example the file size is 3,384 bytes. If this value is 0, a problem occurred. A common problem is that the ‘Beginning Reg Date’ or the ‘Ending Reg Date’ was entered incorrectly. Try again. Step 5 - Label the Diskette Make a label for the diskette that is patterned after the following example: District Number 03 League or Association Number CNYJSL Club name & Club number Two Towers SC - 89 Date 03/18/96 Contact person name Bilbo Baggins Contact person phone (315) 123-4567 Step 6 - Submit your Diskette Remember that the diskette you submit must be in 3.5 inch format. Copy your data to a 3.5 inch diskette if the diskette you created is not in this format. Submit your diskette to your District Registrar unless he/she has given you other instructions. That is it! You are done! Remember that help is available if you need it. See page 1 of these instructions for who you can contact to get help.

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