New Features Added to RosterPro

Here is a list of the latest features that have been added to RosterPro:
  • A Contact roster that will feature various list functions for making phone trees and other contact lists (target date 1 Oct 2005)

  • A more robust transfer and release system (target date 1 Nov 2005)

  • Updated Users Guide - the User's Guide was updated on 11/18/2004. Download the latest version.

  • E-Mail Broadcast - Added to the Club Admin menu, gives you a tool to generate e-mails to various members of your club.

  • Data Export - This function gives you a tool to export your data back out of RosterPro in several different formats that can then be used in other applications to generate whatever type of lists you may require.  You can find this tool in the Club Admin menu. 

  • Automatic Duplicate Finder - when you enter a new player or modify a player record, the system will automatically search the entire state database to see if the player already exisits in another club.

We continue to add features to streamline your registration process and hope that you will find these additions useful.