RosterPro Known Issues

Roll out of passwords to be completed by January 31.

Tuesday, January 13th, marked the official launch date of RosterPro as an initial group of 25 clubs were provided with access into the system.  All clubs that have requested access will be provided with their password by January 31.
Please keep in mind as you use the new system, that this is a work in progress. 
Direct your feedback to,  so that your concerns can be addressed.  Please do not contact the state office.  Also, be sure to let us know what club you are from.

Clubs: To date 200 of our 235 clubs have contacted me about a password for the new system. Please send your club name, registrars name, and registrars e-mail address to the state registrar to secure a password into the RosterPro system. Send the information to:

Known Issues:

  1. Some player data does not appear in the inactive or active file. This is probably a result of one of two issues:
    • The state has never received data from your club.
    • Data was received by the state after RosterPro was populated.

    There is no work around for this.  You will need to re-enter your data either manually or via the Excel upload tool.

  2. Excel Upload tool does not work.
    • This tool is in final debug and will be turned on to the general public soon. This should be working now - 01/30/2004
    • In addition, a second tool has been developed that will convert a Logical Solutions 'persons.loa' file into the proper Excel format for RosterPro to read it.  This should be working now - 02/02/2004  It is available for download at the bottom of the Excel instructions.

  3. Unable to edit player or team official data.
    • This feature will be added to the player and team official admin modules.
    • Currently records can be edited after the person has been assigned to a roster.

  4. Adults that have current valid Risk Management passes show as not cleared in RosterPro.
    • As the Risk Management process has grown over the past two years, there was much confusion in the database, which resulted in confusion during the dataload. Please contact Terri Rader at the state office to address with her individuals that you feel should be listed as cleared. She can consult her records and release them to your club.
        Please see the article regarding Risk Management and RosterPro in the Risk Management page of this website for further details on how Risk Manangement is now handled. 05/01/2004

    • Unable to edit an out of state player records
        This bug has been repaired. 03/15/04

    • Primary/Secondary designation on roster but no way to enter data
      • The search function of the database is being enhanced to conduct a better cross-club searches to find if a player is already registered somewhere else in NYSW
        • The cross club search is still being worked on, however you can designate those players that are secondary on your roster. - 03/23/2004

    • Some issues printing passes from various browsers or printer types.
      • These issues continue to be addressed as they are brought to our attention.

      • Passes don't show the team name or team number. This is correct. We are moving to a club pass system vs. the old team pass system.

        • Valid NYSW zip codes list my player as 'Out of State'.
            These issues are addressed as they come to our attention - 01/30/2004

            Tim Mellander, State Registrar