2023 Risk Management is NOW OPEN

To All Club Admins & Staff Members:

Referees please follow WNYRA instructions on how to register. You must complete your recertification materials FIRST. Contact your District for additional details.

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The 2023 Risk Management Season opened at 8PM on Friday 12/2/2022.  There are several IMPORTANT updates to the process that appear below. Be sure to review these BEFORE you begin processing your Club Staff:

1.) Minor (Under 18) Risk Management now has its own independent process which is now Free. Minor applicants between the ages of 13-17 willl need to have their OWN Email Account AND Sports Engine Account.  They will have their own FAQ.

2.) ALL the RM FAQs have been updated for 2023.  You should download and review each FAQ and familiarize yourselves BEFORE you begin processing your Club Staff.  Club Admins will also have a Quick Start Guide available this year.

3.) Due to the federally mandatory ANNUAL Safesport certification ALL Risk Management Passes will now be ANNUAL instead of 2-year passes. ALL Club Staff MUST do the free seasonal Sports Engine Membership to be eligible for a Risk Management Pass.

4.) Background Screening remain a 2-year Credential. Safesport training MUST be done within 60 days of the annual expiration or the affected Staff Member will have their RM Status suspended in Rosterpro.

Questions, Comments & Suggestions should be sent to riskmanagement@nyswysa.org.


NYSWYSA Risk Management