New Features Announcement

To Club Administrators:

NYSWYSA will be adding some added enhancements and new capabilities for the upcoming 2022-23 Risk Management application/renewal process.  SportsEngine has added new status tracking and notification features to your RM Dashboards that will make managing your staffs’ RM compliance easier and more versatile.

Due to the addition of these enhancements, the new 2022-23 RM season will launch on November 15th rather than November 1st so that proper testing can be completed, and each club has time to register and access the new RM dashboard

What does this mean for you?
All NYSWYSA clubs will receive a free SportsEngine HQ account to access a new member management system where you can complete and track safety eligibility requirements as well as send reminder notifications to your staff.

What’s next for you?
In order to utilize your club’s new RM dashboard, your currently designated administrators must access your new SportsEngine HQ account to ensure you have the proper permissions prior to the November 15th launch date. 

How Will This Happen?
To help prepare for the launch of the new system, currently designated SE club administrators will receive emails from SportsEngine prior to the launch date prompting you to access your HQ RM dashboard account. Once your account is properly accessed, you will no longer receive these emails. If you already use SportsEngine for team management, NYSW RM compliance services will be added to your existing Member Management account.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out directly at and we will be happy to help! We will have various support services available via FAQ and Help documentation found within your HQ RM dashboard account.

Mike Kozak
Risk Management Coordinator