Looking for Kohl's American Cup Hosts

Would your club consider hosting this event?

The US Youth Soccer Kohl’s American Cup provides recreational youth soccer players an opportunity to experience a consistent and high quality statewide tournament in a fun, festival-like atmosphere. It fosters stimulation and excitement about soccer in an effort to increase the recreational players interest in and love for the game.

We want the recreational player to feel special and have fun! The Kohl’s American Cup can achieve this by providing recreational players with the opportunity to participate in an original event outside of their normal league play. The American Cup gives State Associations another benefit to bring even more service to current members and a tool to use in increasing membership enrollment.

Kohl’s US Youth Soccer American Cup: Philosophy

It is the Kohl’s American Cup philosophy that all players should receive equal opportunities and benefits within their level of play. All players have the right to participate in competitions where they can develop and exhibit their skills while enjoying themselves. The Kohl’s American Cup provides recreational players this opportunity and places emphasis on participation, as opposed to competition.
How to Host this Event
If your club is interested in hosting this type of event, please contact the NYSW Technical Director, Dean Foti.  Dean can be reached via  e-mail at dfoti@nyswysa.org  Dean will work directly with you to coordinate the event with Kohl’s.  Kohl’s will provide "The Kohl’s American Cup Village" to your event.  This contains numerous items such as tents, inflatabile kick walls, banners etc for use during the event.  Kohl’s will take responsiblity for setting up and tearing down their items.  The schedule for use of these is limited, as they can only travel to a finite number of events each year.  So your interest and getting on their calendar is important.  The event can be still held without all the village and Glen will be happy to provide you assistance either way.