Why Tournaments are Sanctioned by the State Association

Please be advised that some tournaments being offerred inside the NYSW geography that are NOT listed below are unsanctioned events.  Being unsanctioned means there is no guarantee on how the tournament is being operated.  

  • No guarantee that your opponents are the correct age and using the correct age matrix
  • No guarantee that your opponents have any insurance coverage
  • No guarantee that the event is using USSF certified referees
  • No guarantee that risk management screening of coaches, assistants, referees, or event staff has occurred
  • No guarantee that NYSW insurance coverage for injuries will be honored
  • No guarantee that FIFA and USSF rules of play are being followed.  

As a team planning to attend an event, you need to be aware of what organization is sanctioning the tournament and how that might affect your choice to participate.  BUYER BEWARE!