New York State West Youth Soccer Association Bylaws

The Bylaws of NYSWYSA - Current Bylaws as approved on 01/20/2016
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Article I: Purposes; Definitions
1. Purpose of the Corporation
2. Definitions
3. Fiscal Year
Article II: Membership
1. Membership Categories
2. Admission to Membership
3. Rules and Regulations
4. Discontinuance of Membership
5. Designation of Meeting Delegates; Voting Weight of Members
6. Proprietary Information Policy
7. Membership Meetings
8. Special Meetings
9. Fixing Record Date
10. Action by Members without a Meeting
11. Proxies
12. Order of Business
13. Membership Fees
Article III: Office
1. Office
Article IV: Board of Directors
1. Management of the Corporation
2. Election of District Commissioners
3. Responsibilities of District Commissioners
4. Increase or Decrease in number of BOD Members
5. Removal of BOD Members
6. Resignation
7. Newly Created Directorship Offices and Vacancies
8. Quorum for the BOD
9. Places and Times of the Board Meetings
10. Regular Meetings
11. Notice of Meetings of the Board; Adjournment
12. Chairperson
13. Committees
14. Written Consent of BOD or Committee Members; Meetings by Conference Telephone
15. Conflicts of Interest
16. Independent Directors
Article V: Officers
1. Officers, Elections, Terms
2. Removal, Resignation, Salary
3. President
4. First Vice-President
5. Second Vice-President
6. Secretary
7. Treasurer
8. Sureties and Bonds
9. Indemnification
Article VI: Conformity to USSF Requirements
1. Membership Open
2. Nondiscrimination Policy
3. Governing Effect of USSF Regulations
4. Associations Resulting in conflict with Federation Regulations
5. Registration with the Federation
6. Interplay Regulations
7. Annual Report to Federation
8. Submission of Constitutive Documents to the Federation
9. Grievances and Appeals
10. Tax-Exempt Status
11. Policies Against Abuse
12. Federation Oversight
13. Litigation
Article VII: Seal
1. The Seal
Article VIII: Construction; Procedures
1. Construction; Procedures
Article IX: Amendments
1. Amendments by the Members
2. Amendments by the Board