2016 Board Members

President - Curt Regruit
Curt Regruit was elected in November 2015 to a new two year term as President (expires November 2017).
1st Vice President - Hugh Goodridge
With the resignation of Rich Wagner and Curt Regruit moving from 1st VP to President, the BOD appointed Hugh Goodridge to fill the remainder of Curt Regruit's term. (expires November 2016).
2nd Vice President - Mark Cornfield
Mark Cornfield was re-elected at the 2015 AGM to another 2 year term (expires November 2017).
Treasurer - Lee Wilson
Susan Gurak - resigned in Ocotber 2015 to assume a postion with RDYSL. The BOD appointed Lee Wilson to fill the remainder of Susan Gurak's term (expires November 2016).
Secretary - Chris Pacilio
Chris Pacilio was elected in November 2015 to a new two year term as Secretary (expires November 2017).
Executive Director - Amy Gush
Assistant Director/State Registrar - Tim Mellander
Technical Director/ODP - Dean Foti
Assist. Technical Director - Scott Craig
Coaching Education - Chris Hershey
Buffalo Commissioner - Dave Stephan (expires November 2017)
Binghamton Commissioner - Kevin Arnold (expires November 2016)
Rochester Commissioner - Roger Best (expires November 2016)
Syracuse Commissioner - Peter Launtensack (expires November 2017)
Southern Tier Commissioner - Jim Enser was appointed to fill the remainder of Kim Mehta's term in December of 2015. (expires November 2017)
Twin Tiers Commissioner - Nikki Dye (expires November 2016)
TOPSoccer - Scott Craig
Recreational Soccer - Tom Darpino was appointed in April of 2016