2018 Board of Directors

President - Curt Regruit

Curt Regruit was elected in November 2017 to a two year term as President (expires November 2019).

1st Vice President - Hugh Goodridge

Hugh Goodridge was elected in November 2016 to a two year term as 1st Vice President. (expires November 2018).

2nd Vice President - Mike Purtell

Mike Purtell was elected in November 2017 to a 2 year term (expires November 2019).

Treasurer - Lee Wilson

Lee Wilson was elected in November 2016 to a two yer term as Treasurer. (expires November 2018).

Secretary - Chris Pacilio

Chris Pacilio was re-elected in November 2017 to a two year term as Secretary (expires November 2019).

Executive Director - Alex Brame

Assistant Director/State Registrar - Tim Mellander (Tim announced his retirement and leaves the Board and organization in December 2017)

Technical Director/ODP - Dean Foti

Assist. Technical Director - Scott Craig

Coaching Education - Chris Hershey

Buffalo Commissioner - Dave Stephan (expires November 2019)

Binghamton Commissioner - Kevin Arnold (expires November 2018)

Rochester Commissioner - Roger Best (expires November 2018)

Syracuse Commissioner - Peter Launtensack (expires November 2019)

Southern Tier Commissioner - Jim Enser (expires November 2019)

Twin Tiers Commissioner - Open

TOPSoccer - Scott Craig

Recreational Soccer - Tom Darpino