5. Designation of Meeting

5. Designation of Meeting Delegates; Voting Weight of Members.

5.1 A qualified delegate may represent each member at membership meetings. A qualified delegate is a person who has attained the age of eighteen (18) years and who has been designated as such on the member’s Club/League Information Form.  This form must be filed with the NYSWYSA State Office not later than twenty days prior to the earliest permitted date of mailing of the notice of the meeting of the membership for which purpose the delegate has been appointed.  Each such listing of qualified delegates shall remain in effect until the designating member has filed a superseding notice.

5.2 Each delegate in attendance at a membership meeting shall be accorded the number of votes allocated to the member represented by the delegate. Each associate member shall have one (1) vote. Each club member shall have a weighted voting strength as determined in accordance with the number of players currently registered with the Corporation by the member, as follows:

Number of Players Votes
26 - 100 players 1 vote
101 - 300 players 2 votes
301 - 600 players 3 votes
601 - 1000 players 4 votes
1001 - 1500 players 5 votes
1501 - 2100 players 6 votes
2101 - 2800 players 7 votes
2801 - 3500 players 8 votes
3501 - 4300 players 9 votes
4301 or more players 10 votes

5.3 The voting strength of each member shall be provided to the Secretary by the State Office annually as of the date of mailing of the meeting notice for the AGM, and the Secretary shall record the strength certified to the membership roll.