4. Discontinuance of Membership

4. Discontinuance of Membership

4.1 The membership of any member shall cease upon withdrawal by the member by means of written notice of resignation furnished to the State Office.

4.2 The BOD shall have power to suspend or expel members and individual members/representatives thereof. Any resolution suspending or expelling a club or associate member or any of its members/representatives shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of the entire voting membership of the BOD. Prior to the adoption of such resolution, the affected club/associate member or member/representative thereof shall be furnished a notice in writing of the proposed consideration of such action by the BOD. That notice shall be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the club/associate member or its member/representative not fewer than ten (10) days prior to the meeting of the BOD at which the action that is the subject of the notice is proposed to be taken. At the meeting of the Board, the affected member or member/representative thereof shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard by the Board concerning the proposed action prior to the vote thereon.


    4.2.1. Without in any way limiting the authority of the Board to suspend or expel club/associate members or members/representatives thereof under any circumstances as to which it has determined that such action is appropriate, violation by a club/associate member or any of its members/representatives of the proprietary information policy set forth below shall be deemed to constitute misconduct warranting disciplinary review by the Board.

    4.2.2. A suspended club/associate member or member/representative thereof shall be in bad standing during the period of the suspension. As such, the suspended club or associate member or any of its members/ representatives shall be ineligible to vote at any membership meeting and shall be disqualified from participation in any NYSWYSA sanctioned match, tournament, or event.

4.3 Any member or member/representative thereof that is expelled or suspended from membership in the Corporation by determination of the Board may appeal such action in conformity with the rules of the USSF.

4.4 Any club member that submits no paid registrations for an entire fiscal year shall be automatically removed from the membership rolls on September 1 of the next fiscal year. Each year, by August 31, every associate member shall submit a list of all club members that participated in its activities during the fiscal year just completed. Any associate member that fails to meet the participation requirements stated in Section 2b. above shall be immediately removed from the membership rolls.  Any member that provides NYSWYSA with misleading participation information shall be subject to disciplinary action by NYSWYSA.