Entry Level Referee Course

Upon successful completion of this program, students age 14 and older are certified as USSF Grade 8 referees and are licensed to officiate sanctioned youth soccer matches.  (Students age 12 and 13 may attend, and they are certified as Grade 9 Recreational Referees, upgrading to Grade 8 when they turn 14.  Grade 9 officials can work lower level games only.)  The program is approximately 16 hours long, and requires a passing score on a written exam.  Sponsoring organizations are responsible for providing a suitable facility and must agree to actively advertise the course.  We require a minimum of 10 students per class.  The “per-person” course fee is $35, plus $45 for state and national registration fees.  Students will also be responsible for local dues, which vary from district to district.  If you’d like more information or wish to schedule a course, contact Tom Ross at sdi@wnyreferee.org.