Cup Rules, Forms, FAQ's, and Downloads

The most often asked question is:  Can players be on a Cup roster and use a secondary player pass.  The answer is NO.  All players on Cup rosters must carry and present a primary player pass from the club they are playing Cup with.  Please see NYSW Championship policy - Rule 7203, Section 3, item (2)



  • Final 4 seeding reverts back to age division 2019 Final Four standings and roster continuity from the 2019 team (See Rule 7202)
  • Tournament fee payment by credit card only
  • No team will be accepted after the registration deadline
  • Teams are NOT permitted to exceed Cup roster sizes. (see Rule 7203)
  • All Cup rosters must maintain 9 players common to the qualifying League roster.  League and Cup rosters are compared for continuity.
  • See the US Youth Soccer NYSW Championships Policy for specific rostering rules and requirements.
  • Cup rosters must be composed of majority of players residing in the geographic boundaries of New York State West. (see table in Rule 7203)
  • Cup rosters must be composed of majority of players born in the age group in which the team is competing.
  • Red carded players permitted to remain on bench with provisions (See Rule 7209 Section 3)

2021 RULES

2021 FORMS
  • Code of Conduct Form - only required for teams that advance to the Semi-Finals/ Finals weekend. Please provide at check-in.  


  • State Cup Chair
  • Executive Director
  • Technical Director
  • All District Commissioners

2021 FAQ’s


Hotel room blocks are not being offered for semi-finals/ finals weekend.