Cup Rules, Forms, FAQ's, and Downloads

The most often asked question is:  Can players be on a Cup roster and use a secondary player pass.  The answer is NO.  All players on Cup rosters must carry and present a primary player pass from the club they are playing Cup with.  Please see NYSW Championship policy - Rule 7203, Section 3, item (2)



  • Final 4 seeding reverts back to age division 2018 Final Four standings and roster continuity from the 2018 team (See Rule 7202)
  • Increase in tournament entry fee (See Rule 6105 Section 3)
  • Tournament fee payment by credit card only
  • No team will be accepted after the registration deadline
  • Teams are NOT permitted to exceed Cup roster sizes. (see Rule 7203)
  • All Cup rosters must maintain 9 players common to the qualifying League roster.  League and Cup rosters are compared for continuity.
  • See the US Youth Soccer NYSW Championships Policy for specific rostering rules and requirements.
  • Cup rosters must be composed of 50% +1 players residing in the geographic boundaries of New York State West.
  • Cup rosters must be composed of 50% +1 of players born in the age group in which the team is competing.
  • Red carded players permitted to remain on bench with provisions (See Rule 7209 Section 3)

2019 RULES

2019 FORMS
  • Code of Conduct Form - only required for teams that advance to the Final 4. Please provide at check-in.  


  • State Cup Chair
  • Executive Director
  • Technical Director
  • All District Commissioners

2019 FAQ’s


Housing for the Final 4 in Cortland is being administered by New York West.  This should result in rooms being available for all teams in the Cortland area at very favorable room rates.  Blocks of rooms have been set aside for our tournament.  When a team advances to the Final 4, the team’s primary contact will be forwarded an email with a contact phone number to call and secure your rooms.  You will not be able to secure rooms at the best rates without using this method.  Teams who commit to using housing provided by NYSW and then do not use it , or go outside our Cup housing system will be subject to a $750.00 penality.