The 2023 Registration Session is currently CLOSED

2022-23 Registration Session is NOW Scheduled to open at the end of November

To All Club Admins & Staff Members:

The new Risk Management season is NOW scheduled to open at the end of November so that all current federal credentialing requirements and current youth privacy rules are correctly reflected in the new season, and all related FAQs are updated accordingly.

REMINDER: Club Admins must have correctly registered for their club's Sports Engine RM dashboard membership account in order to access the new season. Club Staff should contact their respective Club Registrar for RM registration/renewal instructions.

Referees please follow WNYRA instructions on how to register. You must complete your recertification materials FIRST. Contact your District for additional details.


NYSWYSA Risk Management

Risk Management System UPDATES as of 11-20-2022


The NEW 2023 Sports Engine Risk Management Memberships & related FAQs are now in final review. Check back here daily for updates.


To Club Administrators:

Federal Law now requires that SAFESPORT certification be completed ANNUALLY. While the background screening process will remain a 2-year Credential, the annual requirement of Safesport has delineated that ALL Risk Management statuses be administered on an ANNUAL basis.


What does this mean for you?
NYSWYSA clubs must have claimed a SportsEngine HQ account to access ALL Risk Management Credentialing where you can complete and track safety eligibility requirements as well as send reminder notifications to your staff. More information will follow on how the new ANNUAL Safesport Credentialing will impact your club's RM processing. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out directly at and we will be happy to help! We will have various support services available via FAQ and Help documentation found within your HQ RM dashboard account.

Mike Kozak
Risk Management Coordinator