While the cutoff for the Academy is children born in 2013, we will accept players born in 2014 under the following conditions.

- The child, from a physical standpoint, is in no danger of injury (IE. he/ she is big enough so that they will not be in harm’s way from playing alongside older and presumably bigger players).

- The child is emotionally, socially and psychologically comfortable in an environment where they are the youngest player in the group.

- The child, from a soccer standpoint, is able to keep up with the group.

 We will allow 2014's to register online per normal and pay the full Academy tuition.  They will then participate in the first training session on Sept. 11th. Our coaching staff will evaluate and determine if the child meets the criteria listed above and they will then notify the child/ parent immediately following the session if they can continue on in the program.  Anyone turned away will be refunded their money less a small administrative fee.

 We just want to be sure no one is out of place or in over their head.  We want all participants to have a positive experience.